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Release Notes - GT Weighbridge: 1.2.5

526: Lock-in Release No as User Defined Field #3

The old User Defined Field #3 has been locked-in as Release No. This is to enable this value to correctly flow through to the Grain Trader field of the same name on the Source tab of the Load window.

516: Loads not imported into Grain Trader when they should be

If the program option "Enable direct entry of Net Weight" was checked and "Enable weight editing" was not checked,  Loads might not be imported into Grain Trader even if they are completed correctly. This has been fixed.

514: Increase field size in Weighbridge Database

If you selected Storage Only load for an incoming load and selected a debtor with a very long name as the Buyer you could get Error 3163: "The field is too small to accept the amount of data you attempted to add." The field size has been increased to avoid this error.

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