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Release Notes - GT Weighbridge: 1.2.14

757: Enter Contract Number first on New WB Ticket

On a new Ticket, you can now select a Contract from the drop-down Contract combo before entering anything else. All open Contracts are pre-loaded into the combo and as you type characters in the combo, or select from the list, the following details are automatically filled in for you if and as a match is found: Load Type, Account, (primary) Commodity, Order No, Storage Only Load and if a Storage Only load, the Buyer if that has been entered against the Contract.

756: New options for Recall Ticket window

The Recall Ticket window is now resizable. Also, the columns to be displayed in the grid can be selected by clicking the Options button, made wider or narrower by dragging a column border, and reordered by dragging a column header to another position. As before, columns can be sorted in either ascending or descending order by clicking on the column header. All of the above user options (as set when the program is closed) are now also saved between sessions on a per-user basis and automatically restored when the program is next run.

746: Operator can enter (partial) Ticket No to recall Ticket instead of scrolling

When recalling a Ticket, the operator can now search by any field and enter text for a partial match. If the checkbox "Include completed tickets" is checked, all tickets currently in the weighbridge database are searched (tickets that have been purged from the Tools | Admin | Purge processed records menu are not included).

745: Warn operator on entry of a duplicate Container No.

The operator is now warned and given the option to cancel when trying to assign a Container No or Seal No to a ticket, if either number already exists in either a Grain Trader load or Weighbridge ticket, with a different Ticket No.

755: Possible Subscript Out of Range error accessing Ticket Fees

If you had never configured Ticket Fees you could get an Error 9: Subscript Out of Range trying to access them from the Ticket window. This has been fixed.

754: Relocating GT database may result in error on accessing Container Details

If you relocate the Grain Trader database or change drive mapping, even though you use the Database Wizard to configure GT Weighbridge after the change, the new location may not be fully recognized by the program and you may get an Error 3044: Path not found when trying to access Container Details for a Ticket. This has been fixed.

744: Opening Recall Ticket window can cause Out of Memory Error

If there are many tickets, opening the Recall Ticket window was very slow and could cause an Error 7: Out of Memory. Loading the window is now up to 90% faster, and the error no longer occurs.

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