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Release Notes - GT Weighbridge: 1.2.16

Note: GT Weighbridge version 1.2.15 was an internal build and was not released.

827: 'In Spec' checkbox can now be ticked by default

The 'In Spec' checkbox can now be ticked for new loads by default. Some Ticket Styles print a Yes or No according to this value. The new option can be accessed from the Tools | Admin | Options menu, Preferences tab, under Advanced Options. If you don't change this setting the checkbox will still be unticked by default (ie load is not in spec).

776: Container Details for Weigh-Only loads

Once you had saved a Weigh-Only load you could not access the Container Details window. This has been changed so that you enter data on this window until the Final Weight checkbox is ticked, and review the window at any time.

859: Error when saving ticket without variety selected

If you did not select a Variety for a commodity you could get an Error 381: Invalid Property Array Index when saving a ticket. This has been fixed.

879: Container Number on Ticket

Container Number and Seal Number are now printed on ticket styles 8 and 13.

887: GHMS Report

A new report has been added. The GHMS Report is accessed via the Reports menu.

853: New "Warehousing" Field

A new check box has been added for Warehousing loads. Warehousing loads contain no buyer or price information.

Warehousing and Storage Only loads are also now identifed on the Movement Summary report.

852: Add Container No and Seal No to Ticket Style 8

Container No and Seal No are now shown on Ticket Style 8.

886: New WB Ticket Style

A new ticket style has been added. Style 14 is the same as style 9, without the pesticide declaration.

874: New Ticket Style

A new ticket style has been added. Style 13 is visually the same as style 10, but prints 2 copies instead of 3 for outwards loads.

873: Convert Truck Rego to Combo

The Truck Rego field has been changed from a text field to a drop down list. When you select a Carrier (or Own Truck) the list will be filled with matching entries.

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