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GT Weighbridge: 1.3.0

1047: Using Keyboard in GT Weighbridge Improved

Using the keyboard for data entry in GT Weighbridge has been improved. Selections in drop-down combo boxes can now consistently be made using the keyboard only (including using the <ENTER> or <TAB> key to confirm a selection and move to the next field). In addition a bug in recent versions that resulted in the backspace key in a combo box having no effect has been fixed.

1056: Pre-Populating Contracts Now Optional

Version 1.2.18 introduced the ability to select a Contract before anything else for a new Ticket. This would then populate a number of fields on the window without further interaction, (eg Account, Load Type, Commodity etc). This meant that all contracts (Purchase as well as Sale) would be loaded into the drop-down box initially. Version 1.3.0 makes this optional via a checkbox on the Options window, Defaults tab. If unticked the Contracts drop-down box will initially be empty, as in older versions.

1041: Up To 4 Container Seal No's Now Available

You can now enter up to 4 Seal Numbers per Container.

1038: Support for Gedge Scale Indicator

Support for the Gedge 1650 MkIII scale indicator (format C2) has been added to the Digital Interface feature.

1035: Improved Digital Interface over Remote Desktop

Some clients have experienced unreliability when capturing weights directly from the weighbridge indicator using the Digital Interface feature, when using the program over a wireless remote desktop connection to Windows Terminal Server. The communications routines in GT Weighbridge have been completely rewritten and a more-capable program component is now used in place of the standard Microsoft one which eliminates these issues.

1034: Increased Number of Most Recently Used Files

The number of most-recently-used files displayed in the File menu has been increased from 4 to 10, to bypass the need to often run the Database Wizard when you have more than 4 weighbridge databases.

1011: New Rejected Load Facility

You are now able to flag a load as Rejected. Rejected loads are still allocated a Ticket Number, and do appear (highlighted) on the daily Weighbridge Listing report, but do not appear on the Movement Report, nor can they be allocated to a contract or imported into Grain Trader. The "Print QA" button changes to "Print Rej Adv" and when clicked generates a Load Rejection Advice showing details and comments for the rejected load.

980: Additional Checking on Import

This version stores data to identify the Grain Trader database used when creating loads, to allow an additional check to be performed when the loads are imported into Grain Trader to warn the user before possibly importing loads into the wrong database.

969: Contract for Partnership Loads Now Not Compulsory

When the implementation of Partnership (sharefarmer) loads was first being planned it was intended to allow the share percentages to be varied within a contract and thus it was compulsory to have a contract for these loads. We have since realigned the program code so that it better reflects the way NGR partnerships work in that a change in share percentage can be effected only through the partnership (creditor) record itself. Accordingly, the restriction that a contract was compulsory for partnership loads has now been removed.

1033: New 'Show Received Data' Window

A new "Received Data" window is now available via the Tools | Show Received Data menu. If you are using the Digital Interface feature to integrate GT Weighbridge with a digital scale, you can use this feature in conjunction with support personnel to check the data stream being received from your scale indicator.

1055: Communications Port Disabled While Printing

To further enhance reliability when using the Digital Interface over a wireless Remote Desktop session, the workstation's communications port is now closed and the Capture window is disabled whilst printing a Ticket or any report. This is to avoid inadvertently capturing an incorrect weight because the comms port is not receiving any data whilst the ticket or report is printing. Note that for reports, and if you are previewing Tickets before printing, the period the port is disabled begins when the Print Preview window is displayed and ends when that window is closed.

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