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CDA Grain Trader: 3.2.5 (Not generally released)

1071: New Cheque Style

A new Cheque Style has been added. The new style is similar to style 12 but designed for A4 paper instead of tractor-fed Letter paper.

1070: Importing Loads From GrainCorp Acquisitions File

You can now import loads for non-sharefarmer growers directly from a GrainCorp Acquisitions file downloaded from the GrainCorp website.

To perform the import, just select the Utility | Import | Loads from Graincorp file menu, click Browse to locate the Acquisition file, select the desired option to deal with duplicate Docket Numbers if any are encountered and click Import. Any errors or issues requiring follow-up are logged to a text file in the same folder as the database, and you will be prompted to review it at the end of the import. Loads are imported as saved so that they can be reviewed prior to processing in the usual way.

You do need to set up a few things in Grain Trader before doing your first GrainCorp import. Open an Acquisitions file in Excel (but DO NOT save it!) - the data will be properly separated in columns.

You need to put the GrainCorp terminology into your GT database as follows:

    * NGR (preferably) or AWB Number - Creditor window, Other tab on the Creditor tab (Column J in Excel)
    * Commodity: Cross Ref on the Commodity window, Commodity tab (Column L in Excel)
    * Storage: XRef column on Commodity window, Storage tab (Column O in Excel - their number, not the name)
    * Metrics: XRef column on Bonuses & Deductions grid, Commodity window, Commodity tab (every 2nd Excel column from AA onwards as present in the Graincorp file, eg AA, AC, AE etc
    * Contract No if present - your contract alpha, (Col X in Excel)

Also note that because you can skip records with Ticket No's that already exist in GT, if you encounter any errors that cause a record to be skipped for a different reason (eg unknown NGR/AWB number, commodity or storage), you can import a file, review the log file, fix up any missing information then re-import the file, skipping over the records that were successfully imported the last time. At this time if a Contract Alpha isn't found in Grain Trader the record will be imported anyway but without a contract (and logged as such) - this will be extended in a future version so that you can optionally not import these records, thus allowing you to create the contract in GT and re-import the file afterwards.

If a Partnership (sharefarmer) supplier is encountered the load will be skipped and the fact will be logged with the notation that the load must be entered manually. Full support for partnership loads will be added in a future version.

1053: Freight GST on Goods Inwards Invoice Not Saved

When itemising freight on a Goods Inwards Invoice the GST on freight is correctly calculated and included in the Invoice Total, however when the invoice was saved or processed the GST on freight was not being correctly saved. This has been fixed.

1069: RCTI Includes Lines for Metrics With No Dollar Value

From Version 3.2.0, if metrics were recorded against a load but there was no effect on the value of the load they would still be printed on the RCTI/Remittance Advice. This has been changed so that these lines are no longer printed.

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