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CDA Grain Trader: 3.2.6

1076: Load Weight Decimals Now Optional 2 or 3

You can now specify the number of decimal digits (2 or 3) to be used in load weight calculations and displayed on most windows and reports. The exceptions are mainly commodity, storage and value adding windows and reports (which could include packaged goods in small quantities), some reports using weight estimates, and contract spread values (which only use whole numbers for space reasons). This option is accessed from the Utility | Global Options menu, Loads branch. Note that if you choose 2 decimals, existing loads with higher precision are not rounded to match the new setting; re-printed invoices etc will display weights with 2 decimal digits but calculations which were made using 3-digit precision will remain the same as they were when processed so may appear inaccurate.

1062: Contract Loads Tab Using Clean Seed Weights

On the Contract window, Loads tab, the Delivered weight for a Sale contract or Pickup weight for a Purchase contract was using the Clean Seed delivered or pickup weight respectively instead of the gross weight. This has been fixed.

1025: Supplier Load Summary Report Not Returning Partner Loads

In the Supplier Load Summary report, when selecting a single grower who is a partner with loads delivered by the partnership, share loads were not being returned. When selecting the partnership supplier the total loads were correctly returned. This has been fixed.

1072: Transaction Dates for Storage-to-Storage Loads

Version 3.2.4 introduced Transaction Dates for Loads. If you had a load from Storage to Storage, if the To Storage option button was selected before the Load Delivery Date was selected the transaction date used for the Carrier's invoice if any would be the date the load was processed, not the delivery date of the load as in previous versions. This has been fixed.

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