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Note: Version 1.4.1 was an internal release only

GT Weighbridge: 1.4.2

1155: Manual Weight Entry Improved

If you press in one of the weight boxes when manually entering multiple weights, the cursor stays in that box but you would need to re-select the default "0.00" text before typing a new weight. The existing default text is now automatically selected under these circumstances and so you can overtype immediately instead of having to re-select the text.

1156: "Final Weight" Checkbox Disappears When Window Resized

From version 1.4.0, you have been able to resize the main window and all items on the window would be resized and moved proportionately. However if you had the option "Allow weight editing" selected the "Final Weight" checkbox would disappear when the window was resized. This has been fixed.

1154: Unknown Carrier, Bin No Might Not Be Correctly Recalled

Under some circumstances, if you entered a carrier name that was not also a Grain Trader supplier, the carrier name would not be recalled correctly when the ticket was recalled. Also, the Bin No may not be correctly recalled when recalling a ticket. These have been fixed.

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