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GT Weighbridge: 1.4.4

1401: Automatic Version Checking

GT Weighbridge now features automatic version checking, in the same way as Grain Trader. If a newer version of the program is available or has been installed, a small popup window will appear briefly advising you, with links to the Downloads and/or Release Notes web pages.

1412: Weighbridge QA Print - Address and Contract Details

The company address and contact details are now printed at the top of the QA Report.

1418: Available Contracts Now Exclude "Deliveries Complete"

The list of contracts loaded into the drop-down box now excludes those contracts that have been marked as "Deliveries Complete" in the same way as for Grain Trader v.

1399: Ticket Style 7 Modified

Weighbridge Ticket style #7 has been slightly modified to provide additional room in the Supplier/Buyer name box.

1400: Type Mismatch Error on Saving Rejected Load

If a load marked as rejected was being saved you could get a Type Mismatch error. This has been fixed.

1285: Rejected & Weigh-Only Loads Keep Printing on Daily Report

Weigh-Only loads and loads marked Rejected keep printing on the Daily Weighbridge report. This has been fixed; these loads will now only print on the daily report for the day they occurred.

1458: Windows Update Causes Errors

A recent Microsoft Windows Update removed a feature in a Microsoft support file that was used by GT Weighbridge, causing multiple errors. This has been fixed.

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