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GT Weighbridge: 1.4.6

1304: Modifications to WB Ticket Styles 16 & 17

Weighbridge Ticket styles no. 16 and 17 now print up to five metrics, up from four previously.

1503: 5 Metrics on Ticket Style #8

Ticket Style #8 has been modified to include up to 5 metrics instead of 4.

1504: Comments Optionally Default to Commodity Comments

You can now have any Comments (up to 255 characters) stored on the Grain Trader Commodity window for a commodity automatically inserted into the Weighbridge Tickets Comments field, if it is empty, when that commodity is selected from the drop-down list. This is governed by a new program option (Tools | Admin | Options menu, Defaults tab). Note that not all Ticket Styles print the ticket Comments, and that some styles may not allow sufficient space to print the maximum number of characters. If your selected ticket style is affected and this feature is of interest to you please contact us to determine whether it can be modified or a new style created for you (these types of modifications are chargeable).

1508: Weighbridge Report Now Includes Storage & Bin

The Weighbridge Report now includes columns for Storage and Bin.

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