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GT Weighbridge: 1.5.0

1512: Auto-Import Tickets Into Grain Trader

If your operating environment has GT Weighbridge connected directly to the live Grain Trader database (as would normally be the case in either Windows Terminal Services or a single-office, peer-to-peer network), you can now optionally have loads automatically imported directly into Grain Trader when the Weighbridge Ticket is finalised (ie the ticket is saved after a Net Weight has been calculated). If this option is in effect there is no need to print the 2 daily reports before the loads can be imported. The option can be changed from the Tools | Admin | Options menu, Online tab.

1564: Digital Test Result Capture

You can now capture the data output from selected grain test measurement equiment directly into the Metrics boxes on the Weighbridge Ticket window. Currently the Next Instruments CropScan 1000B is supported; please contact us if you would like other compatible equipment added. Note that the metric names used by the test equipment must be matched to the metric name used in Grain Trader/GT Weighbridge. This is done from the new Tools | Admin | Map Metrics window. Some test instruments (including the CropScan 1000B) may have predefined names - in this case you select the predefined name from the drop-down box in the right hand column and the program automatically puts this value in the left-hand column for you. For other metrics you need to enter the text used in the test instrument output directly into the left-hand column, as appropriate. You also need to select the format in use and communications parameters from the Tools | Admin | Options window, Digital Tests tab.

1580: Modify Ticket Style 17 for a Weigh Only Ticket

Pickup and Delivery fields have been added to Ticket Style 17 for a Weigh Only ticket.

1587: Capture Window Hidden When  Program Minimised

If you are using the digital weight capture functionality, when you minimise the main GT Weighbridge window the small Capture window that displays the weight provided by your digital scale equipment is now hidden instead of remaining on the screen.

1588: Commodity Drop Down list shows inactive Commodities

If a commodity marked as Inactive still had storages that were marked as Active, that commodity was still being included in the drop-down list of commodities available for selection. This has been fixed.

1519: Auto-Populate From Contract Did Not Exclude Deliveries Complete

From version 1.2.14 you have been able to populate many of the ticket fields by selecting the Contract before anything else. From version 1.4.4 the list of available contracts should have excluded any marked "Deliveries Complete", but this was inadvertently omitted. This has been fixed. Note that if you selected the account and commodity first the list did correctly exclude Deliveries Complete contracts.

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