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Welcome to CDA docs online!

We are in the process of updating and moving our user documentation into this online Wiki.

You can print any pages from docs online using your browser's Print function. If you want to preserve the formatting of Notes, Tips etc, ensure your browser is set to print background colour and images1).

Other useful sources of information are our Knowledge Base and the Release Notes for your software product.

If you would like to suggest an improvement, request documentation on functionality that doesn't yet appear in docs online or our other information sources, or find an error :-( please contact us.

1) In Internet Explorer go to Tools | Internet Options, select the Advanced tab, scroll down to Printing and check the Print background colors and images box.
In Firefox go to Print | Page Setup (or File | Page Setup in older versions) and check the Print Background (colours and images) box.
In Google Chrome right-click the page to be printed and from the Print panel under Options check the Background colors and images box.
For other browsers search its Help function for details.
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