Google Maps Functionality

Some CDA Software programs provide a transparent interface to Google Maps©. This allows you to (for example) save a geographic location in the program and display it at any time (provided you have Internet access) on a map and/or satellite image in a browser window from within the CDA Software program.

The ability to use Google Maps from within an application is currently offered by Google without charge, up to a certain level of usage (25,000 map loads per registered for-profit user per day as at 6th June 2013). CDA Software can take no responsibility for changes to the functionality, its availability or any costs associated with using the Google Maps service; such control is exercised solely by Google. Furthermore CDA Software disclaims any and all responsibility for any charges of any nature whatsoever levied by Google. You are also entirely responsible for any data transmission or other Internet charges that may be incurred in using this functionality. CDA Software provides access to this functionality merely as a convenience for our users.

This documentation guides you through the steps necessary to set up and use this functionality, using CDA Grain Trader as an example.

It's not necessary for our purposes, but if you'd like to learn more about programmable access to Google Maps, a good place to start is

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