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Datagard Secure, Offsite Backup Solutions Print E-mail
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Datagard Secure, Offsite Backup Solutions
The Cause and Effect of Data Loss
Where Is My Data Stored?



  • Prices do not include GST
  • All prices are in Australian dollars
Plan Monthly Charge  
2Gb $19 Buy
5Gb $40 Buy
10Gb $70 Buy
20Gb $125 Buy
50Gb $210 Buy
100Gb $280 Buy

Additional items:

Item Charge
Setup fee (one-off) $99
Additional user, per month $9
60-day restoration period, per month $5
90-day restoration period, per month $10
SQL Server Database plug-in $150
Microsoft Exchange plug-in $150

Tip: The amount of storage space you are likely to need depends on the data that you wish to backup. To find this out, open up "My Documents", select all the documents, right click and select Properties, then click on the General tab at the top. The Size on Disk field will tell you how large the My Documents file is.

If you wish to backup the whole of your "My Documents" folder, then a fair estimate for the amount of storage required would be between 60 and 80% of your current data capacity – remember, your data is compressed before it is encrypted and sent over the internet for storage, so you only pay for compressed data.

If you have a specific need for a hardcopy of your stored data, an additional service offered is your protected data copied to CD Rom as required. This service is charged at $35 per disk.

If your business has special backup needs, talk to us about our multi-user plans and networked options.



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