Release Notes - GT Weighbridge: 1.2.8

602: Expand Comment Input Box

The size of the Comments field has been increased to 80 characters, including when it is imported into Grain Trader.

601: New Digital Interface Scale Format

A new Digital Scale Interface format, for the Cardinal 205 Scale, has been added.

597: New options - Weigh Only Loads

Weigh Only loads can now have both a Gross and Tare weight. Because this is optional the ticket is not finalised until the user ticks the "Final Weight" checkbox. For Weigh-Only loads, the goods to be measured, Marks & Brands, Place of Dispatch and Destination can all be entered. A new report of Weigh-Only loads by date range is also now available from the Reports menu.

574: New Weighbridge Ticket Style

A new weighbridge ticket (style 12) is now available. This version is similar to Style 10 but includes text and data to comply with Queensland Weights & Measures requirements for a Registered Public Weighbridge.

607: Charge Debtor for Weighbridge Ticket

You can now charge optionally charge a Grain Trader debtor for the cost of a Weighbridge Ticket. Multiple Truck Types (or some other description of the fee) together with the charge amounts can be defined from the Options window, Ticket Fees tab. Click the Ticket Fee button on the main window to select a debtor and Truck Type/Description at any time until the Ticket is imported into Grain Trader. An upcoming version of Grain Trader will create a Debtor Invoice for these fees on import.

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