GT Weighbridge: 1.2.18

1057: Selecting Contract Populates Other Fields

You now have the ability to select a Contract before anything else for a new Ticket. This will then populate a number of fields on the window without further interaction, (eg Account, Load Type, Commodity etc). This means that all contracts (Purchase as well as Sale) are now loaded into the drop-down box initially.

945: Support for Partnership (Sharefarmer) Loads

GT Weighbridge now supports incoming loads from partnerships (sharefarmers) in the same way as Grain Trader version 3.2.0. At this point in time if you select a partnership creditor for an incoming load you must select a contract for the purchase, in the same way as for Grain Trader.

944: Override for Configuration File Location

A new command-line option is available thar will override the default location for the program's configuration file (GTWB.ini). This allows the program to use a lower user permission rating on more-secure operating systems that disallow programs writing to the Windows folder, and also allows you to have multiple instances of the program running simultaneously, for example if you have multiple weighbridges. Please contact us for more detailed advice on setting this up if required.

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