CDA Grain Trader: 3.3.8

1000: Freight Rate Autofill From Contract in Orders

On the Order window, Allocations tab, Details panel, when a contract is selected, the estimated transport cost (if any) is obtained from the Contract record and inserted as the default value in the Freight Rate textbox on the order.

1168: Load Advice Print - Additional Details Included

For loads to or from a Storage, the Load Advice printed from the Load window now includes Bin No's as applicable as well as other pickup/delivery details. In addition the Container No, if applicable, is also printed on this report.

1270: Contracts - Back-To-Back

Significant new features have been added to support the allocation of Purchase to Sales contracts and vice versa. The existing allocation of one contract's quantity to another party's contract of the opposite type as previously implemented on the Contract window, Other tab has been enhanced and now automatically creates the backlink from the selected contract back to the contract you are editing, and also allows for the allocation of tonnage. However the major new feature is the Contract Match window, accessed from the View | Contract Matching window, which shows all open Purchase and Sales contracts, and which allows you to drag & drop Purchase contracts onto Sales contracts and vice versa, and allocate tonnage from one to the other. You can also allocate quantities to or from Storages as applicable. A new report showing similar information to that displayed on this window is also available either from the Contract Match window or the Reports | Contracts | Position Report window. Further enhancements are planned utilising the data managed by this functionality in future versions.

1271: Contracts - Position Report by Contract

A new Contract Position report is available from the revised Contract Position report window. The new report shows for each contract, contracts allocated (back-to-back) to it, together with tonnes allocated and delivered.

1274: Display Contracts on Supplier/Customer Window

A new tab has been added to the Supplier and Customer window, displaying contracts with that account. By default only Open contracts are shown, however you can optionally show all contracts.

1443: Contract Summary Report by Supplier or Buyer

You are now able to select whether to print the Contract Summary report for an individual Supplier or Customer or for all Suppliers or Customers.

1464: Contract Position Report Excludes Deliveries Complete

The Contract Position Report now excludes contracts where Deliveries Complete is ticked, instead of just when Contract Complete is ticked (see also Case 1257).

1465: New Pickup & Delivery Fields for Contracts and Loads

New Pickup and Delivery fields for contact details have been added to the Contract and Load windows for Supplier and Customer, and to the Load window for the Carrier. The new fields on the Contract window are populated with defaults from the Supplier or Customer record. Those on the Load window are populated with defaults from the Supplier or Customer record when you select either Supplier or Customer, and again from the Contract window when you select a Contract. In all cases the defaults can be modified or deleted from within the Contract or Load window. The values then flow through to the printed Carrier Advice. (Note that in cases where the supplier on a contract is a partnership, the details will be retrieved from the manging partner's supplier record.) Also on the Load window, data entry boxes for Load pickup and delivery times have been added. These are optional; if left at their default values of midnight, nothing has changed since previous versions.

1466: New Carrier Advice Report

A Carrier Advice report can now be printed from the Load window. This report utilises the new report engine and thus you have full control over logo and heading layouts.

1455: Buyer / Supplier Reference Numbers Print on Contracts

The Purchase & Sale Contract Confirmation report now includes the other party's Contract Number and/or Order/Release Number

1475: Load Transaction Dates - Option to Not Automatically Update

Normally load Transaction Dates are automatically adjusted when the Load Dates are changed. An option has been added to stop this from happening. When this option is in effect the Transaction Dates default to the date the load was first created, and can only be changed by manually selecting the appropriate date from the date picker in the Transaction Date boxes. Find this option on the Global Options window, Loads - General Load Options branch.

1488: Commodity Group option for Contract Summary Report

You can now optionally select a single Commodity Group to produce a Contract Summary report for just that group. Commodity groups are maintained via the Utility | List Options window and allocated to a Commodity on the Commodity window.

1500: Contract Summary Report - Option to Show All Grades on Multigrade Contracts

A new option has been provided to list each commodity on multigrade contracts individually on the Contract Summary report. Note that the detail shown includes the individual price, quantity, quantity supplied and delivery location in addition to the commodity name, and that these details replace those stored for the overall contract on the report.

1506: Reports - Contracts - Position Report Window Makeover

The Contract Position Report Selection window has received a makeover to handle the increasing number of options and report variants available in reporting on Contract Positions.

1084: Changes to Load Search - Export to File

When exporting load data to a file from the Utility | Load Search window, when you select (Container) Seal No you will now get all 4 seal numbers that can be saved on the Load window.

1152: Orders Carrier GMA - Additional Space for Delivery Instructions

On the Carrier GMA printed from the Order window, the delivery instructions have been allocated more space to allow for more than one line of text.

1218: Due Payment Date not updating

If you used the arrow button to copy a load date from the pickup date picker to the delivery date picker the customer's Payment Due Date might not be updated correctly. This has been fixed.

1467: Average Cost Calculation After Commodity Stocktake

If commodity stocktake values as at a certain date were entered after later dates on which there had been incoming inventory movements the recalculation of Average Cost might be wrong. This affected only the displayed value on the Commodity window, Storages tab and the Storage Summary Report. This has been fixed. All other commodity reports were correct.

1449: Load No Display on Carrier RCTI Widened

The space allocated to display both the Load No and Weighbridge Ticket No on the Carrier RCTI/Remittance Advice has been increased.

1507: Load Search Reports Print Other Creditor Lines Once Per Partner

If a processed load with a partnership supplier also contained an Other Creditor record, the Other Creditor detail lines would print on the Load Search reports the same number of times as the number of partners. The load total on the reports however were correct and nothing else was affected. This has been fixed.

1505: Contract Window - Orders Tab

The Orders tab on the Contracts window has exhibited extreme loading times and did not reflect an accurate report of all Orders involving the contract being displayed. This has been fixed.

1478: Graincorp Import - Date Issue

When importing loads from GrainCorp acquisition files, the load date could default to the 30-12-1899. This has been fixed.

1462: MYOB Import - Problem with Load Reversals

In some cases our client's MYOB version will not import a negative value transaction. This has been resolved by changing the value to a positive value and reversing the Debit & Credit account numbers.

1474: Transaction Dates Not Reset On Commodity Change

If you changed the Commodity on a load, many data values would be reset to their default values, including the Transaction Dates. These are now excluded from the values to be reset.

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