Version 3.3.11

CDA Grain Trader: 3.3.11

1617: General Ledger Export - Sage ERP Format Added

Sage ERP has been added to the list of General Ledger transaction export formats. At this time Sage only supports the import of purchase transactions only.

1620: CBH Load Import

Files exported from the Bulk Handler CBH can now be imported using the Utility | Import | Loads from Defined Format File functions. See DocsOnline for more information on using the Defined Format Import functions.

1621: Updates to Attache G/L Transaction Import

An additional General Ledger export format has been added to support the current version of Attache (ie "with allocations").

1623: Selection Screen Functionality

When you select a supplier, customer, commodity or truck from the search window and return to that window afterwards, the same record is now selected in the grid (or an adjacent one, if the selected record was made Inactive).

1625: Supplier Insurance Details

You can now record details on the Supplier window of several types of Insurance policies held by suppliers. This may be especially useful for Carriers. You can also obtain reports showing these details, including suppliers with insurance that either has expired, or expires before a date, from the Reports | Suppliers | Supplier Insurance menu.

1635: Apply/Save/Close buttons on Supplier & Customer Windows

In order to facilitate adding Contacts to new Supplier and Customer records, the Supplier and Customer windows have been provided with Save/Apply and Close buttons. As usual, Apply saves changes and leaves the window open, Save saves changes and closes the window, and Close just closes the window. In the latter case, if there are unsaved changes the user will be prompted to save or discard the changes.

1639: Restriction on Changing Carrier Cost on Order Loads Relaxed

The restriction on changing the carrier cost on the Load window for loads created using the Orders Module has been removed.

1640: Load Invoices Can Now Show Different Commodities

You can now select a commodity to be printed on RCTI/Tax Invoice and Supplier/Customer Load Summary reports, other than the commodity that is selected on the Details tab of the Load window. By default the printed commodity remains the main Load commodity, or if a contract is selected, the main commodity on that contract. In the latter case you can only select the printed commodity from those on the Contract (ie multigrade contracts). In addition to selecting the printed commodity on the Load window, you can also select it on the Order window if applicable, and the selection will flow through to Loads created on that Order.

1645: Add Contract Prefix to Global Options

You can now define the prefix of up to 3 characters to be used for new contracts of each type. The defaults remain as "P" for purchase contracts, "S" for sale contracts and "B" for broker notes. This option is set in the Global Options, Contracts branch for each contract type.

1648: Global Options Interface Updated

Due to the ever-increasing number of global options a programming limit had been reached on the Utility | Global Options window. The interface has now been completely rewritten in a more modern and extensible format. In addition, the Value Adding - Configure - Manufactured Batch, Batch run size option has been moved from the Value Adding menu into the new Global Options window.

1649: All Active Commodities Now Shown on Pricing Points Window

The Pricing Points window allowed you to edit the data for all active commodities, provided the commodity appeared on an open Contract. This filter has been removed; the window now displays all active commodities whether on open contracts or not.

1667: Additional Options For General Ledger Export Fields

Additional options have been made available for the following General Ledger export fields: "Reference No" can now contain one or more of the Tran No, Control No/Creditor Reference No and/or Order No database fields. "Description" can now contain the transaction description as per the Transaction List; a Code and Name where Code can be either Alpha or XRef; just the Alpha code; or just the XRef code. For the XRef code, the value stored for the account's default postal address is used. The new options can be configured from the Utilities | Global Options window, General Defaults - General Ledger category.

1668: "Own Truck" Option For Order Loads

You can now select "Own Truck" in an Order Allocation. This flows through to loads in the usual way.

1669: Select Order Window Changes

The Select Order window has been changed as follows: 1) The window is now resizable and remembers its last-used size & position, and the state of the "Only show first allocation..." checkbox. 2) You can now optionally show all allocations against an order or just the first (the default). 3) The prefix in the account/storage cell for the non-fixed side has been discarded to facilitate proper alphabetic sorting of the columns. 4) New columns have been added to show the Allocation number and total number of allocations (if any), and tonnes allocated for each Allocation, for each Order. 5) The cell containing the account or storage name for the Fixed side of an Order is now displayed in Bold font.

1606: Transfer Contract Contact Details to Loads

When you select a Contract on an Order, the contact details stored for that contract are now copied into the appropriate Load fields.

1652: Supplier Additional Charges Not On Transaction Lists/Reports

Supplier Additional Charges were being displayed on RCTIs but not included in Department reports or the Supplier transaction list. This has been fixed.

1654: Country Might Not Print on Contracts

The supplier or customer Country detail might not have been printed on Purchase or Sale Contracts if any Contact details had been changed since installing version 3.3.11. This has been fixed.

1660: Load Additional Charges Not Flagging Save Needed

If you had a saved load, recalled it and entered only Additional Charges on either the Supplier or Customer side you would not be prompted to save them when displaying the Financial Summary tab or closing the window. This has been fixed.

1661: Spread Carry Charges Now Printed on Contract

If you assign a specific absolute price per month as part of a Contract Spread Carry (as distinct from a percentage or dollar relative adjustment), the actual prices are now shown on the printed contract.

1636: Contacts, Neither Street Nor Postal Address

In the new Contacts system, if you set a contact to be neither a Street Address nor a Postal Address, when reloading the contact both checkboxes could be ticked. This has been fixed.

1638: Load Summary By Variety Report - Possible Error 3265

If you had more than 7 Metrics configured for one or more commodities, you would get an error 3265: "Item not found in this collection" when printing a Load Summary by Variety report that included those commodities. This has been fixed (metric numbers 8 or above are ignored).

1624: Supplier Goods Inwards Delivery Dockets

Supplier Goods Inwards invoices can be entered as an unpriced Delivery Docket, saved, then recalled, priced and processed later. On the Supplier window, Transactions tab, there was no visual distinction between a Delivery Docket (possibly unpriced) and the same document as an Invoice, other than the Tran No was "-1". This has been changed to avoid confusion; delivery dockets are now highlighted with a green background and the Tran No cell is empty, rather than -1. In addition, the Reprint button has been disabled for Delivery Dockets, as there are no financial transactions to be printed.

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