CDA Grain Trader: 3.3.20

2597: Shrink on Warehouse Loads

You can now have shrink applied automatically on load inturns from growers to selected Storages (by default, only those Storages marked as Not Owned). Configuration is done on the Bulk Handler Configuration window (Utility | Bulk Handlers Setup menu), where you assign Storages to Bulk Handlers and enter the Shrink factor, by Commodity Group and Bulk Handler. When configured for automatic shrink, you can override this on a load-by-load basis by unticking the new "Apply Shrink" checkbox on the Load window. Quantities deducted from inturns due to Shrink are shown on the various Load Summary reports, and Storages are updated with the shrunk quantities.

2592: Changes to Storage By Name Report

The Storages by Name window and report (View | Storages by Name menu) have been reworked to provide additional and remove redundant options.

2611: Supplier/Customer Load Summary Report: Option to Exclude Transfer Loads

For the Supplier and Customer Load Summary reports, Warehouse/Storage loads option, you now have the additional option to exclude transfer loads from the report.

2620: Supplier/Customer Load Summary - Ticket No Returned

The Weighbridge Ticket No has been returned to the 7-metric variant of the Supplier/Customer Load Summary Report.

2629: Contract Amendment Form Converted to New Reporting Engine

The Contract Amendment Form has been converted to the new reporting engine.

2653: New Menu Font Options

On some hardware with extremely high resolution screens and running in a Windows 10 environment, menu fonts used in Grain Trader may be too small to be comfortably readable. To work around this issue, a new user option has been added to allow customisation of the font where necessary. Access this option from the Utility | User Options menu, General Options branch.

2663: Xero Override GST Codes Added

You can now add a reference phrase (for Purchases and Sales separately) of up to 30 characters against each 3-character Grain Trader Tax Code (ie GST, FRE etc) for export to a Xero accounting system. Any Tax Codes that are not so configured will be recorded in Xero with the default code allocated to the account, as was previously the case. Enter the references if desired on the Utility | Tax Code Management window.

2669: Claiming Order Loads Without Storage

A restriction was in place on claiming Order Loads at the Weighbridge that a load had to have either a source or destination Storage configured in order to be available to be claimed. This restriction has been removed in order to allow the storage to be determined at the Weighbridge at the time of the Load. (Note that GT Weighbridge v.1.6.2 is required to utilise this feature.)

2688: Broker Note: Commission Statement

A Commission Statement has been added to the printed Broker Note.

2702: FCL Quantity Added to Printed Contract

If a value is entered into the FCL data entry box for a Contract, this is now included on the "Packaging" line of the printed Contract.

2709: Orders - Fixed Side Pickup/Delivery Address Lengthened

The "Location" field on a Contract allowed more characters than were permitted on the Order - fixed side Pickup/Delivery address, so when this was auto-populated from the Contract you could get a "Field too small" error when saving the Order. The length of the Order field has been adjusted to allow the same number of characters as the Contract.

2715: Supplier Warehouse Report Excludes Storage Loads

The report Loads | Supplier Loads Summary, Warehouse option now excludes Storage Only loads.

2700: Tolerance Clause on Printed Contract

If the Global Option "Use Delivery Tolerances" is set, the clause "± nn mt or mm%, whichever is the lesser" (where nn and mm are the values set by Global Option) is appended to the end of the data printed on the "Contract type and Quantity" line on the printed Contract. This is only done where the main Commodity is not a Packaged Good, and also not for GMP or Hectare contracts.

2596: Unprocessing Warehouse Loads When Exported to General Ledger

If you are exporting transactions to a General Ledger program or file, you have not been able to unprocess a Load even if had no non-zero monetary transactions (eg Warehouse or Storage Only Loads with no Carrier etc), if those transactions had been included in a GL Export procedure. This has been changed; these loads are no longer restricted from being unprocessed.

2684: Unable to Delete Load Metric Measurement

If you tried to delete a value from the Load Bonus & Deduction grid in order to avoid any calculations or printing a measurement, the value would always reset to zero, which is a valid measurement and would therefore give unwanted results. This has been changed so that under these circumstances the cell in the grid is left empty, deleting the data.

2666: Deleting Order Load Would Not Immediately Update Purchase Contract

If you had a Load with a Purchase Contract on an Order and you deleted that Load from the Order window, the progress bar & total deliveries on the Purchase Contract window would not be updated until the next time a Load on the Contract was saved or processed. Contract Load reports were however correct. This has been fixed.

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