Release Notes - CDA Grain Trader: 2.2.3

319: Ability to clear a logo

A Clear button has been added, allowing you to clear a logo after you've entered it.

321: Extra entries on Load Search reports

If you entered a load with multiple Other CRs, the load would print multiple times on a Load Search report - once for each Other CR. This has been fixed.

325: Contract commodities show incorrect quantities supplied.

In version 2.2.2, it was possible for contract commodity supplied quantities to appear incorrect. On running Update Contract Supplied Quantities, the amount would show as 0. This has been fixed, so that now the quantity is shown correctly.

318: Move logos to back

On some reports, the company name was being cut off by a blank logo. This has been fixed.

320: Cancel Logo Browse causes error

If you clicked Browse when selecting a logo, then clicked Cancel an error is produced. This has been fixed.

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