Release Notes - CDA Grain Trader: 2.2.14

446: Show 5 metrics on Commodity Storage report

The commodity storage report now shows up to 5 metrics, instead of the previous 4. The commodity window storage tab also now shows 5 metrics instead of 4.

447: Report: Sales by Region

A new report has been added. The Sales by Region report can be printed via the Reports | Commodities | Sales by Region... menu.

448: Add Regions for Debtors and Creditors

A new managed list has been added - Region - that is accessible via the Utility | List Management menu. New drop down lists have been added to both Debtor and Creditor window to specify a Region. For now, it only affects the Sales by Region report.

480: Add Manufactured Batch Value Adding

A new type of value adding has been added to the program. Manufactured Batch Value Adding creates a quantity of a commodity using a recipe that is defined on the new Formula tab on the Commodity window. Prices and quantities for input and output commodities are automatically updated when the VA job is finalised.

449: Prohibit transactions with no cost of sale

A new program option has been added to the Invoicing | Debtors section - Prohibit transactions with no cost of sale. If this option is selected, and you try to save a load or invoice, and the commodity involved does not have an average cost, you will be prompted for an action. You can either enter a cost, save with zero cost, or cancel the transaction.

468: Invalid use of null when processing loads

If you have selected the "Include all unprocessed loads in credit limit check" option for creditors, but the creditor on the load does not have any unprocessed loads, you would receive an "invalid use of null" error. This has been fixed.

433: GST not showing on load financial summary

It was possible for processed loads with levies for GST to not be shown on the financial summary of the load screen. This has been fixed.

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