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Release Notes - CDA Grain Trader: 2.2.18

Please Note: You must run "Update Contract Supplied Quantities" when prompted during the Update Database Design process, after installing this update.

508: Multiple Delivery Points for Contracts

You have been able to have multiple commodities on a Contract for a long time, however if you had a single commodity but multiple Delivery Points on a Contract only the first would be displayed in the list of available Contracts when entering Load details. This has been changed so that each possible Delivery Point/Price combination is included in the selection list.

509: Commodity Movement Report incorrect for loads to or from Storage

The report was incorrectly showing "Qty Out" values for incoming loads to storage & vice versa. This has been fixed.

510: Don't automatically clear Truck No from Load if Carrier deleted

To allow for instances where you remove the Carrier from a Load, the Truck No entered if any will not be automatically deleted.

507: Open Contract button still opens incorrect Contract, for existing Loads

This has been fixed.

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