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Release Notes - CDA Grain Trader: 2.2.20

533: Order Module: GMA Reports renamed

In order to clarify the Orders Module GMA reports, the Grain Movement Authority has been renamed Carrier Goods Movement Authority, and the Grain Movement Advice has been renamed Supplier Goods Movement Advice.

534: Changes to Pickup/Delivery fields

A second Pickup field has been provided on the Load window and a second Delivery Location field has been provided on the Contract window. The existing second Delivery field on the Load window has been increased to 50 characters, and the existing Delivery Location field on the Contract window has been increased to 30 characters. When creating a new Contract, the street address details (1-3) for the Supplier or Buyer as applicable are now copied into the Delivery Location fields as the default values. When creating new Orders and Allocations in the Orders Module, Pickup and Delivery details are now copied from the Contract Delivery Location fields as the default values. These values are then used in populating the Pickup and Delivery fields for Loads created through the Orders Module.

535: Orders Module - optional per-Allocation Release No

In the Orders Module, you can now use one Release No for all Allocations in an Order (the default), or you can specify a different Release No for each Allocation.

536: Orders Module: Additional Contact Details automatically inserted

When creating an Order or an Allocation, the phone and mobile numbers for the creditor or debtor as applicable and if recorded, are automatically placed in the Contact field in addition to the Contact Name.

528: Release Number added to Load window

A field for Release Number has been added to the Source tab of the Load window. This in future will also be included in load data imported from the existing Release No field in GT Weighbridge.

538: Error 94 on saving new Brokerage Contract

This error only occurred when saving a new contract for the first time if you used an automatically-generated  Alpha code and had selected to print it as a Brokerage Contract. This has been fixed.

519: Error 94 on opening Loads created with Orders module

This has been fixed. If you are experiencing this problem and don't plan to upgrade Grain Trader to v. 2.2.20 or later at this time, you can download and run the utility program "GT Data Patcher for GT 2.2.18" from the CDA website to correct it, as often as required. You do not need to run the Data Patcher if you have installed GT Version 2.2.20 or later.

517: Loads can be saved with no Supplier/Buyer or Storage using Orders

It was possible for a user to create Loads without a Supplier/Buyer or Storage, using the Orders module. This would result in "Error 3021: No current record" being raised when trying to view it in the Load window. This possibility has now been blocked.

531: Orders module: Pickup/Outturn Tonnes shows total for Order, should be Allocation

On GMA Reports - this has been fixed.

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