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Release Notes - CDA Grain Trader: 2.2.24

575: Shipment Advice

You can now enter details for containerized Loads either through Grain Trader or GT Weighbridge. In Grain Trader the extra details can be added on the Carrier/Cont. tab of the Load window. Shipment details can be edited on the Contract window, Export tab (renamed from Proforma) and a new Shipment Advice report is available from the same place. The following fields used are also Managed Lists: Shipper/Exporter; Shipping Company; Stevedoring Company; Transhipment Port; Final Destination and Container ISO Code.

9: Contract signature spaces alignment

On the printed Purchase Contract the Seller's signature block was on the same side of the page as the Buyer's address and vice versa. This has been changed so that they are both on the same side of the page as their address details.

594: Cost Into Storage doesn't include /tonne or /load deductions

For a load from a supplier into storage that had per tonne or per load deductions, the cost used to re-calculate the average cost in the storage didn't account for the deductions. This has been fixed.

579: Contract - Non Contracted Tonnage

From version 2.2.19, the Non-Contracted Tonnage displayed on the Contract window was the negative of the Total Supplied quantity. This has been fixed.

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