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Release Notes - CDA Grain Trader: 3.0.8

646: Transaction Lists now show Alpha Code

Transaction Lists now show the account's Alpha Code as part of the name, to assist in sorting.

644: Creditor Reference No now available for Carrier Invoice from Goods Inwards Invoice

You can now enter a Creditor Reference No for the Carrier invoice created from a Creditor Goods Inwards Invoice.

643: Payment Due Date not calculated for Carrier from Goods Inwards Invoice

When a Carrier Invoice was generated from the freight section of a Creditor Goods Inwards Invoice the Payment Due Date for the carrier component was not being calculated. This has been fixed.

642: Error 3021 When Opening Goods In Invoice from Creditor Transaction Window

When trying to open a Goods In Invoice from the Transactions grid on the Creditor window you would get an Error 3021: No Current Record. Fixed.

615: Sort Options on Contract Summary List Not Working

The Contract Summary Report was always sorted by Alpha then Date, no matter which option was selected from the drop-down combo box. This has been fixed.

648: Error in Buyer Load Summary - Single Buyer

If you tried to print a Buyer Load Summary report for a single buyer you would get Error 3129: Invalid SQL statement; expected 'DELETE', 'INSERT', 'PROCEDURE', 'SELECT', or 'UPDATE'. This has been fixed.

647: End date not fully effective in Trial Balance reports

If you selected an End Date other than the current date for a Trial Balance Report, the report could include transactions later than the end date if they were linked to transactions within the date range. This has been fixed.

645: Error Printing Transaction List in Alpha Order

If you selected Alphabetic Order when printing a Transaction List you would get Error 3061 - Too few parameters. Fixed.

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