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CDA Grain Trader: 3.2.0

786: Support for Sharefarmers/Partnerships

Grain Trader now supports Sharefarmers (Partnerships). Create a new Partnership by selecting this option on the Select Creditor window and click New Record, then add the Payees (Partners) and their share percentages. At this time you must have a Purchase Contract in the Partnership name in order to use the new functionality in the Load window. Loads processed against a Partnership create separate RCTI's for each Payee (Grower) with all amounts allocated by share of the purchase quantity according to the percentages stored as above. Note that Utility | Load Search reports for Supplier-to-Buyer loads split the buyer component of the loads for consistency and to keep totals accurate. Buyer invoices and other buyer reports do not split loads into shares; they remain as they always have been.

758: User-Defined 'Reference' Field in GL Export Files

General Ledger export files have a 'Reference' field which has traditionally contained the Grain Trader Transaction Number. You can now define this field to contain the Transaction Number and/or the transaction reference (usually the "Ref" or "Order" field), optionally with text of your choice (but no commas). You define how you want the field to be exported from the Utility | Global Options menu, General Defaults | General Ledger branch. Use the placeholders %TRAN% and/or %REF% (case-sensitive) to define the pattern for the field, eg "Tran: %TRAN%; Ref: %REF%" (without the quotes) might result in the following text being exported: "Tran: 12345; Ref: 54321". The default is %TRAN%, ie the same as previously used. The field will also be truncated to the number of characters defined in the option if necessary - check your GL program to determine the maximum number of characters permitted.

933: Commodity Group Purchase Report

A new report is now available - the Commodity Group Purchases Report. The new report, together with the existing Commodity Group Sales Report, can be accessed from the Reports | Commodity | Group menu.

921: Daily Cash Sales Report Modified

The Daily Cash Sales Report has been modified to include Account Sales and Debtor Alpha, and renamed to Daily POS Sales Report.

920: Inventory & COGS Report Modified

A new option, to exclude commodities with zero quantity on hand and zero sales in a month, has been made available for the Inventory & COGS report. Also, reversed purchases, reversed sales and discount allowed on sale were introducing innaccuracies into the report. This has been fixed.

909: Changes to printed ingredients on Load Advices

The way manufactured commodity ingredients are printed on Load Advices has been changed. You now enter your own ingredient text from the Formula tab of the Commodity form. The ingredients section will only be printed if this text has been entered. There is also a new global option that allows you to show or hide the ingredients section on the report.

761: Warning if Contract Price is Zero

A warning is now displayed if you attempt to save a contract with a commodity that has a price of $0.

762: Warning if Load sell price is ZERO

A new option has been added to the Loads section of the global options. Selecting "Warn if load sell price is $0" will cause Grain Trader to prompt you if a load to a buyer has a $0 sell price. This does not apply to Storage Only loads.

903: Load Summary for Multigrade Contracts

When printing Buyer and Supplier Load Summary reports, it is no longer necessary to select a single commodity to select a contract. This means that for multigrade contracts all loads will be printed irrespective of the commodity.

904: Optionally Deactivate Storages

If you have a very large number (>5000) of Commodities and/or Commodity + Storage combinations, some Commodity Stocktakes and Commodity Movement reports could take a long time to execute. Storages that have zero on-hand quantity and have never had any stock movements can unnecessarily adversely affect processing for these reports. Under these circumstances the program will optionally offer to make such storages Inactive, which will often dramatically improve execution time. You can choose to Deactivate the storages, export a list of the candidates for deactivation to a file for review, or ignore the offer and continue. The option, which by default is turned on, can be toggled off or on from the Utility | User Options menu, General Options branch.

940: New Option to Not Discount Additional Charges

If you allow a discount for early payment to debtors by using the checkbox "Print remittance on load Buyer Invoices" (Utility | Global Options window, Loads branch) you can now optionally not discount any items entered using the Additional Charges panel on the Load window. By default, discount on these is allowed; uncheck the option "Allow Discount on additional charges" immediately below the Global Option mentioned above to not discount these items.

906: Storage Movement Detailed Report Changes

Although designed to be a transaction-based report, the Storage Movement Detailed report can now optionally show (non-zero) stock at storages even if there has been no movement during the reporting period. In addition, if you had multiple bins at a single storage, Opening Stock and Value at Average Cost on the report were erroneously using the values from the first bin only instead of the total quantity and weighted average cost. This has been fixed.

917: Condensed Version of Commodity Storage Movement Summary Report

The Commodity Storage Movement Summary Report is now available in a condensed version, grouped by Storage rather than Commodity. The total value on hand is also printed per storage and overall for the report. In addition, smart date options are now available when selecting this report.

918: More text for Contract Terms & Conditions

Contract Terms & Conditions have been defined using the List Management functions. However this restricted each paragraph to a maximum of 255 characters, which was a database limitation. This has been changed so that for this List the amount of text you can enter is effectively unlimited (actually it's 4096 characters).

938: New Options for POS Receipts

Receipts for non-account sales made through the CDA Point of Sale module can now optionally be batched when exporting the transactions to a General Ledger transfer file, instead of being exported individually. The receipts are summarised by date, payment type (cash/cheque and card) and terminal name. The option is governed by a checkbox on the Global Options window, Point of Sale branch, Options page. In the same place is a drop-down combo box to select the Sales Department to be used for Unders and Overs when performing the new end-of-shift balance in CDA Point of Sale.

905: New Virtual Stocktake Option

Because Commodity Movement reports are now date-driven, they can sometimes take a long time to execute if you have not entered stocktake values in the past. A new Virtual Stocktake option is now available from the Utility | Commodity Stocktake | Virtual, All Commodities menu. You can nominate a Virtual Stocktake date and the program will accumulate all movements of all commodities and storages since a prior stocktake for each combination if any, or the earliest load date if none, up to the last movement on the nominated date. It will then save those values and use them as the opening values for future reports with start dates after that date.

708: Value Adding - Allow delete unfinalised job

A new button has been added to the Value Adding Select Work Order form that allows you delete unfinalised jobs.

593: VA-Manufactured Batch Costing Problem

A new program option has been added, allowing you to prohibit the finalising of Manufactured Value Adding jobs if any of the ingredients have a cost of $0.

914: Contract Text Describing Carry May Be Inaccurate

The price adjustment text on contracts has been altered slightly. It now reads "Price will be adjusted by $nn each calendar month within the period dd-mm-yyyy to dd-mm-yyyy" where the dates are those specified for the carry.

932: Commodity Report - Group Sales Report

The Commodity Group Sales Report was including loads into storage. This has been fixed.

901: Reversing Unallocated Receipt/Payment

An unallocated receipt or payment could not be reversed. This has been fixed.

907: Unable to edit freight details when changing saved delivery docket to goods inwards invoice

If you saved a goods inwards invoice as a delivery docket, then recalled it, changed it to an invoice, and attempted to enter freight details, nothing would happen. The fields appeared to be enabled, but would accept no input. This has been fixed.

913: Error 381 on Saving Debtor Copied From Creditor

If you used the Copy button to create a new Debtor record from an existing Creditor record, then edited the new Debtor record without selecting a Packaged Goods Pricing Tier you could get an Error 381: Invalid property array index when saving the changed record. This has been fixed.

919: End Point Royalties and GST-Free Commodities

If you collected End Point Royalties on a load with a GST-Free commodity the EPR value incorrectly did not include GST. This has been fixed. Also when reprinting a contra invoice for the royalty manager the data did not display correctly. This has also been fixed.

922: Possible "Invalid use of Null" error

If you entered a Bonus & Deduction metric level for the first time after a load had been saved (ie you were not amending a previously-saved metric level) you could get this error when pressing <Enter> or clicking outside the grid. It could also occur when processing the load, immediately after the confirmation message box that the load had been processed correctly. This has been fixed. (Note: the Global Option "Lock bonus and deduction settings on first save" must be unticked in order to enter metrics after a load has been saved.)

908: Storage Movement Summary Report

If you were generating a Storage Movement Summary report and selected the Single Commodity option, the report would still display all commodities. This has been fixed.

651: Department Detailed reports includes $0-transactions

The Detailed Department reports no longer show transactions with $0 values.

592: Contract Search window - options don't save

The Save Layout button was only enabled if you had changed one of the options on the fly-out panel, so if you (say) changed the width of the window you couldn't easily save the new width. The button is now always enabled.

676: Load Window - Other Tab - Debtor Charges Invoice Message

The default state of the "Print message on invoice" checkbox for Debtor charges on the Other tab of the Load window did not reflect the global option setting. This has been fixed.

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