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CDA Grain Trader: 3.3.4

1208: 'Open as Remote Database' Checkbox Now Hidden By Default

When ticked, the 'Open as Remote Database' checkbox on the Grain Trader Login window restricts the types of data entry available to a user who does not have real-time access to the main GT database being opened, but creates an export file that can be used to update that database. We believe that with the widespread availability of broadband internet access and increasing use of Windows Terminal Services as the operating environment giving real-time access to all but the most remote users, this functionality is less useful that it used to be. Furthermore, accidentally ticking the checkbox without noticing can create confusion when the user doesn't have access to usual tasks. Accordingly the checkbox has now been hidden by default; if required it can be re-displayed by an option in Utility | User Options - Startup.

1003: Contract Position Report by Commodity Group

When printing a Contract Position Report by Commodity Group, you can now select a single Commodity Group as an alternative to all Groups.

1224: Value Adding - Intermediate Could Update Inactive Storage

If a Commodity had a storage marked as Inactive with the same name and bin number as one marked as Active, an Intermediate Value Adding job might update the inactive storage instead of the active one. This has been fixed.

1209: QuickBooks Export - Load Reversals

Transactions related to load reversals were not being exported correctly in QuickBooks format. This has been fixed.

1220: Storages By Name Report - Drop-Down Selections

The Storage By Name report selection window has been revised so that all the drop-down boxes operate consistently with the usual functionality when typing multiple keystrokes into them.

1225: Stock Received Report Corrections

There were several issues with this report:
(1) The Total was being calculated using the Delivered Weight, but Pickup Weight was being shown. Delivered Weight is now shown.
(2) For inventory brought in using a Goods Inwards invoice, the total included GST whilst Loads did not. Goods Inwards invoice items are now shown ex-GST.
(3) For loads originating from Partnerships, the load was being shown once for each partner, with the total tonnage each time. Such loads are now shown only once.
In addition, the total freight cost if any for Load invoices is now shown, as this is included in the Total Cost value.

1227: Export Loads - Couldn't Add GST on Other Charges

If you checked the "For Export" checkbox on the Load window, you were not able to add GST for items supplied by other suppliers entered on the Other tab. This has been fixed.

1229: Contract Position Report - By Commodity Group - Error when no Contract for Commodity

If you selected the Contract Position Report by Commodity Group with the "Include commodities without contracts" checkbox ticked an error was generated. This has been fixed.

1234: Goods Inwards Invoice - Error if Supplier Subject to Withholding Tax

If you created a Goods Inwards invoice for a supplier who would be subject to Withholding Tax, the line totals would be reset to zero when the invoice was processed, although the invoice total would be correctly saved. This could be seen for example when printing the Stock Received Report, or displaying the invoice on the screen (the printed invoice was correct). This has been fixed.

1238: Buyer Goods Invoice Not Deleting Empty Line No Records

When using Line No's, if you sell out of a Line No in a Storage using the Load window the record for that Line No is deleted, as it no longer exists in that storage. However if you sold out using the Buyer Goods Invoice the Line No record was not being deleted, resulting in it continuing to appear (with zero quantity) on several Commodity reports. This has been fixed.

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