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GT Weighbridge: 1.5.3

1936: New Default Ticket Type Option

A new option to set the default Ticket Type has been added to the Options window, Defaults tab. New tickets will default to the selected type; Inwards is set initially (ie no change from the previous practice). In multiple-weighbridge installations this can be set on a per-weighbridge basis.

1988: Add New Supplier from Weighbridge

An option has been added that allows the operator to add new suppliers from the Weighbridge window with minimal information (Name, Contact details, optionally NGR number) for Cash Price loads. Suppliers so added are inserted into the Grain Trader database and available for immediate use at the Weighbridge. They are also flagged as "Needs attention" in the GT database, and are highlighted in red on the Select Supplier window.

2005: Prompt to Add Weight On Save Ticket

If the Weighbridge operator clicks Save whilst a weight has been entered but not added to the total weight (either Gross or Tare as applicable), they will now be prompted to either add or discard the entered weight before saving, or to go back.

2007: Long Comment Causes Ticket To Be Not Imported

If you had a comment on a ticket which was more than 80 characters long the ticket would not be imported into Grain Trader. This has been fixed - comments cannot now exceed 80 characters.

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