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Release Notes - CDA Grain Trader: 2.1.115/2.1.116

95: Record kilometres travelled on a load

It is now possible to record kilometres travelled on the load form. The new field is located on the carrier tab.

111: Check Credit Limits on saving a load

Debtor Credit Limits warnings will now display when a Load is saved, as well as when it is processed.

123: Report: Stock Item Quick Report

A new report has been added - Commodity Storage Report - showing stock movements into and out of storage for a given period. It can be accessed via the Reports | Commodities | Storage Movement Report menu.

137: Specify commodity type

It is now possible to assign commodities to a group, using a drop down list on the commodity form. New groups can be added via Utility | List Management | Commodity Groups.

133: Address line 3 doesn't print on reports

The third address line will now print on reports. It will be added to the end of address line 2 at the time of printing.

134: Load Search report not showing Line Nos

On reports printed from the Load Search Utility, Line Nos were not displaying correctly. This has been fixed.

136: Purch Cont with Annexure printing 3 pages

When using Contract Annexures, purchase contracts would print over 3 pages - leaving the third page mostly blank - instead of the desired 2. This has been fixed.

138: Basic VA - Error 3163: Field is too small.

It was possible to get an "Error 3163: Field is too small to accept the amount of data you attempted to add. Try inserting or pasting less data" when saving a Basic Value Adding job. This has been fixed.

126: Advanced VA date reverting to 30/12/1899

An invoice raised from Advanced Value Adding would show the date 30/12/1899, no matter what date was selected to use. This has been fixed.

127: Advanced VA invoice incorrect tax code

An invoice produced from Advanced Value Adding would show in the GST Free Commodity section of the GST Transaction Report, even if GST was applied. This has been fixed.

131: Show 3 decimal places on Storages by Name rpt

The printed version of the Storages by Name report now shows 3 decimal places, instead of the previous 2.

117: Reprint receipt inc. discount, doesn't print discount

When reprinting a receipt that included discount from the current or history transactions tabs, only the receipt would print - not the discount. This has been fixed. Also, when selecting the discount transaction, either an error would be produced, or nothing would happen. Now, both the receipt and discount will be reprinted.

119: Other CR amounts not added to total on Load Detail Ext. rpt

Amounts added to Loads via the Creditors section of the Other tab were not being added to the total proceeds for the load on the Load Detail Extended report. This has been fixed.

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