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Release Notes - CDA Grain Trader: 2.1.117/2.1.118

144: Add Pricing Points for Contracts

It is now possible to assign a pricing point to a contract. New pricing points can be added using the Utility | List Management | Pricing Points list.

You can edit the monetary value of a pricing point by going to View | Pricing Points.

145: Add delivery points for contracts

It is now possible to assign an individual delivery point to each item in the commodity grid on a contract. New delivery points can be added through the Utility | LIst Management | Delivery Points menu.

109: Add NGR & AWB no's to Creditor Listing detailed report

NGR Nos will now print on the detailed creditor listing report.

142: Try to change creditor on Payments window

It was possible to cause the program to halt and exit if you tried to change the creditor using the drop down list on the creditor payments window. This has been fixed.

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