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Release Notes - CDA Grain Trader: 2.1.143/2.1.144

270: Withholding Tax not working for Load Other CRs

Withholding tax was not working for creditors entered through the other tab of the load screen. This has been fixed.

271: Show price in foreign currency on sale contracts for export

On sale contracts for export, the dollar value is now shown in the target foreign currency, rather than Australian dollars.

273: Can't enter Cred Ref for Other CR

It was not possible to enter cred refs for other creditors. This has been fixed.

268: View load not working for Other invoices

The View Load button on the debtor and creditor invoice forms was not working for invoices created through the Other tab on the Load form. This has been fixed.

269: Load number not saving for other CR invoices

The description of CR invoices created through the Load | Other tab now includes the load number.

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