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Release Notes - CDA Grain Trader: 2.1.145/2.1.146

10: Contract price adjustment period

You can now specify a contract price adjustment period, during which price adjustments will be applied to the contract.

179: Rpt: Buyer Load Summary

A new report has been added, and can be accessed via the Reports | Loads | Buyer Load Summary menu.

73: Invoice Message on Other Charges invoices from Load form

You can now add invoice messages to other debtors on the Load form.

92: Optionally set order no = load no

A new option has been added to allow the Order No to be automatically set to the Load No, where no Order No has been entered. You can access this option via the Program Options | Loads menu.

152: Notes Field for Contract

You can now add notes to contracts by clicking the Notes... button, located on the Admin tab. These notes are currently not printed on any reports.

277: Differentiate Client Owned and Normal commodities in Advanced VA

Customer Owned Commodities in Advanced Value Adding are now displayed with an asterisk (*) after their name.

18: Add bank details to debtor statement

Your BSB and Account No will now be printed in the remittance section of the Debtor Statements.

194: Show client bank details on payment advices as well as RCTI

Client banking details now appear on payment advices.

285: Can't process loads into storage with line numbers

If you tried to process a load that used line numbers with the destination storage, an error would be produced. This has been fixed.

278: Prepayments re-appearing on Bank Rec after linking

If a prepayment was cleared from the bank rec, and then linked, it was possible for all or part of the prepayment to reappear on the Bank Rec. This has been fixed.

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