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Release Notes - CDA Grain Trader: 2.1.151/2.1.152

303: Print Contract Summary rpt by date opened

You can use the contract opened date as a criteria on the contract summary list.

307: Storage Movement Report

You can now optionally print, as well as search by, Bin Nos and Line Nos on the Storage Movement report.

309: Contract position report - commodities without contracts

A new option has been added to the Contract position report window, allowing you to include commodities without contracts in the report.

291: Package size on Contract print

A new option has been added to allow commodity package size to not be printed on contracts. Print commodity package size is on the Contracts | Common menu in the Program Options.

288: Sort current/history transactions by date

It is now possible to sort the debtor and creditor current and history tables by date by clicking on the column header.

290: Show Cred Ref on grower RCTIs

Creditor reference is now shown on grower RCTIs.

310: Don't change FG Price with carry

The farm gate price on contracts is no longer effected by carry charges.

301: Include saved loads in credit check

New options have been added that will allow you to include unprocessed loads in debtor and creditor credit limit calculations. Only loads that are saved after the upgrade will be included. The options can be accessed via the Tools | Program Options | Invoicing | Debtor or Creditor menus.

5: Report: Client credit limits

Credit Limits now print on the detailed debtor and creditor listings.

190: Advanced VA exceed DR CR limit, doesn't create invoice

Using advanced value adding, if you tried to commit a client charge job, but the client had exceeded their credit limit, a warning would be displayed, but the inventory portion of the job would be committed anyway. This has been fixed.

293: Myob Import

Cancelled receipts and cancelled payments were not importing into MYOB. This has been fixed.

308: Incorrect labels on Select windows

Some labels were incorrect on the select debtor/select creditor windows. This has been fixed.

284: Incorrect total tonnes on Carrier RCTI

If you charged a carrier based on a quantity other than the delivered weight, on a printed RCTI, the delivered weight would still be displayed as the total tonnes for the load. This has been changed so that the other quantity is shown instead.

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