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Release Notes - CDA Grain Trader: 2.2.13

413: Orders Report

A new report has been added that shows details of Orders. You can print the Orders Report via the Reports | Orders menu.

414: Allow entry of multiple inputs into Intermediate Value Adding

You can now enter multiple inputs into an Intermediate Value Adding job, rather than the previous one input.

415: Use of Own Truck on Load changed

Now, when using your own truck on a load, you will need to select "Own Truck" from the Carrier drop down list first.

416: Mid Month Contract Carry

If you entered a contract, with a carry period that started mid-month (eg 25th July), then put loads on that contract dated before the carry period, but in the same month that the carry started (eg 10th July), carry would still be applied. This has been fixed. Carry is now only applied if the carry start date has been reached.

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