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Release Notes - CDA Grain Trader: 2.2.15

504: Contracts now print across more than one page

Contracts are now paginated to allow for longer Contract Conditions (as entered in Program Options) and/or Other Specifications / Terms (entered for the individual Contract). (See also Item 505)

505: Contract Other Specifications/Terms can now be multiple selections from managed list

Contract Other Specifications/Terms is now a managed list (Utility | Managed Lists menu). Multiple items can be selected from the drop-down list on the Contract window and each item selected will be appended to the text. (See also Item 504)

474: Hectare Contracts

Hectare Contracts are now available for both Purchase and Sale contracts. These Contracts allow you to enter the number of Hectares and Price in a similar way to GMP Contracts, but there is no provision to lock or fix quantities at different prices. The printed Contract is changed accordingly.

292: Price adjustments on Contract

You can now set a different Contract Price on a monthly basis, in addition to applying either a percentage or dollar variance over a period. When you select the Spread Adjustment Amount option under Automatically Adjust Prices Per Month By on the Contract window, the carry period is disabled and you enter any different price per month in the Contract Spread window. If you do not enter a different price the Contract default is used.

485: Formula Screen - Error

For new Manufactured commodities, attempting to add an ingredient to the formula would result in an error. This has been fixed.

488: Detailed Contract Position Rpt Showing extra records

When printing Detailed Contract Position reports for a single account, it was possible for results for different accounts to be returned as well. This has been fixed.

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