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Release Notes - CDA Grain Trader: 2.2.22

543: Additional fields for Contracts

The following additional fields are available for Contracts: Supplier/Buyer's Contract No, Broker's Contract No, Other Party Name & Contract No. Some rearrangements of the Contract window have been made to accommodate these fields. The Contract Search window has also been totally reworked to add the ability to search by these new fields, as well as Broker Alpha. The Search window is resizable in width, columns can be hidden or dragged to a different order in the grid, and settings can be remembered in order to improve usability. An option has also been added to Program Options on the Loads branch: "Show other party contract details on RCTI". If checked, whichever have data in the new fields Supplier's (Purchase contracts) or Buyer's (Sale contracts) own contract no, and name and contract no for Broker and Other Party, are printed on the RCTI below the Load total line.

547: New fields for Contracts

The following new fields are available in Contracts: Est Yield, FCL. For Hectare or GMP Contracts, when you enter data in both Area and Est Yield boxes the Estimated Quantity is automatically calculated. At this stage values you enter for these fields are not printed on the Contract.

549: Auto-fill Contract Delivery/Pickup location from Debtor/Creditor Street Address

GT Version 2.2.20 introduced an auto-fill feature whereby selecting a Debtor or Creditor for a new Contract would automatically insert the Street Address for that account into the Contract's Delivery Location field(s). This has been changed to occur when clicking the "Auto" button beside the Location fields, instead of automatically.

550: Fully-Allocated Orders now highlighted

Orders that are not yet flagged as Completed but are fully allocated are now highlighted in the Select Order window.

551: Contracts list now highlights candidates for completion

In the Select Contract window, those Contracts that are not currently flagged as Completed but either have deliveries at or above the contracted amount or whose delivery period has expired are now highlighted.

548: Error on importing Loads from Weighbridge v. 1.2.5 database

On attempting to import loads from a GT Weighbridge version 1.2.5 database into a Grain Trader 2.2.20 database you could get an Error 3265: Item not found in this collection. This has been fixed.

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