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Release Notes - CDA Grain Trader: 2.2.23

521: Goods Invoice History Report

The Goods Inwards report now includes totals for the amount column.

520: Creditors Goods In Invoice - Higher Price Precision

When entering price details for lines on the Creditors Goods In invoice, you can now enter up to 4 decimal places. This allows for per-kg prices for expensive items used in mixes for example.

580: VA-Manufactured Batch Date problem

The Week Commencing date could change without user intervention eg when recalling an order. This could also make loads associated with that order to be not displayed in the Loads grid. This has been fixed.

573: Error in Manufactured Batch

When a Manufactured Batch job included a Packaged Good as an output commodity, the tonnes produced was being used to update the total quantity on hand instead of the number of Pack Units. This has been fixed.

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