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Release Notes - CDA Grain Trader: 3.0.0

Note: This version cannot be installed by a patch upgrade. We will contact clients with current Software Subscriptions about installing this upgrade and migrating your database(s).

618: End-of-Month and End-of-Year Functions Removed

The End-of-Month and End-of-Year functions have been removed. Most date-based reports are now generated "on the fly" on an ad-hoc basis and for any month - you can now print Department Reports, and Debtor or Creditor Transaction Lists, Statements and Trial Balances as at the end of any month, at any time.

This means you no longer need to stop processing invoices, receipts and payments at the end of a month until all documents for that month have been entered. Note you need to use the new option "Financial year starts on the first day of..." in Global Options (see below), General Defaults | General Ledger branch so that Grain Trader knows what date range to use to calculate Year-to-Date values where necessary.

This also means you can enter transactions for previous months eg load reversals etc. There are two ways of restricting this ability, set from the Global Options window, General Defaults | General Ledger branch, Date Locks node:
1) You can absolutely prohibit any transactions dated before a particular month & year;
2) You can allow transactions dated in a selectable number of a months (up to 11) prior to the current month (as well as the current month of course).
Both of these options work together, for example you could allow transactions dated in the past 3 months provided they are within the current Financial Year.

If a user encounters a date block whilst creating a transaction that needs to be completed an Admin user can open up the date range and the user can select the Utility | Refresh Transaction Lock Dates menu, then continue with the transaction without losing anything already entered.

The ability to create transactions dated in the past however creates potential problems by invalidating reports that have already been printed, and also adds a measure of exposure to the fraudulent alteration of invoices (because only new transactions in the current period are usually checked). For these reasons a new Reports Validation option is available from the Utility menu for the Admin user. This will display the month/year and Departments that have had new transactions since the list was last cleared. This should be used to identify reports that need to be reprinted to get correct financial information, depending on your individual requirements. (Note that the Year-To-Date values for the same Financial Year on any affected reports printed after the transaction dates will of course be correct - only the previously-printed Month values will be incorrect.) If there is a requirement for additional information on this window we would welcome your input.

You can also now enter transactions dated in the future and they will not affect your financial results until after their dates.

662: GL Export Changes

The method of generating Transaction Log files for import into your General Ledger accounting package has changed. In Grain Trader 2 each transaction was logged to the export files as it was processed. In Grain Trader 3, at any time you can select which transactions you want to export (Payments, Receipts and/or Purchases, Sales & Other transactions), how many to export (only those transactions that you haven't yet exported, whatever the date, or all transactions) and a date range.

The names of the export files now incorporate the name of the database from which they were exported, the date it was created and a unique identifier, and they are located in a subfolder (which also incorporates the database name) of the folder where the database is. These measures ensure that you will never accidentally overwrite your export files or log transactions from more than one database into the same export file.

619: Licence Key Now Required

Grain Trader now requires you to enter a Licence Name and Key to enable use. Licence keys are perpetual and are based upon the current number of users for your Software Subscription and operating mode (ie Single User/Peer-to-Peer/Client Server). You should already have received your Licence details, together with details about how to install your Key. If not, or you have any difficulty please contact CDA Product Support. There may be a small delay of a few seconds when the program starts up while your Key is checked.

620: Many Reports Execute Faster

Many reports, including Transaction Lists, Statements and Trial Balances (Accounting and Trading), execute to Print Preview stage up to 95% faster than in version 2.x.

621: Easier Menu Options to Open Databases

The "Select a Database" window has been dropped. In its place a Most-Recently-Used list joins an Open option on the File menu. By personal option (see below) Grain Trader will automatically try to open the last-used database every time you run the program. The old Program Date option has also been dropped as it is no longer needed - all transactions take the date entered on the window from which they are generated.

622: Better Handling Of User Options

User-specific options such as window size and position, background image, whether the slide-out menu is pinned ot not etc are now saved in each user's Windows Registry area instead of a single configuration file. This allows users on Windows Terminal Services to have individual settings. To facilitate this you can now export and import User Settings via the Utility menu, to move or copy them to different workstations and/or users. We recommend the exported Settings file be saved into the same folder as your database since all users should be able to import it from this location. After the initial changeover from Version 2 you can import most settings (notably excluding your old databases as these can't be used in their original form with the new version) from the old gt.ini file, located in the same folder as the version 2 Grain Trader program file, usually:
c:\Program Files\CDA Software\CDA Grain Trader

Other user-specific options can now be accessed from the new User Options menu on the Utility menu. The old Program Options menu available only to Admin users has been renamed Global Options.

623: Better Point-of-Sale Configuration

Changes to POS configuration - the program uses a different method to determine the name of the workstation it is running on when operating under Terminal Services. This ensures it can be correctly identified as such when configured as a Point of Sale terminal. To identify a workstation as a POS Terminal you need to run the program as the Admin user at the POS workstation and select the Utility | Global Options menu, then the Point of Sale branch. Click the Add button to add this workstation to the list of POS Terminals.

624: Changes to Debtor & Creditor Windows

The Debtor & Creditor window Transactions tabs can now display all transactions for any month since the first transaction for the account. You can scroll month-by-month, or select a specific month and year to display.

The History tabs now show Sales or Purchases & Average Days to Pay for every month since the account's first transaction, and graphs of the same data for up to the last 24 months.

625: Changes to Department Report Options

Department reports now always exclude Departments with no Description (this option was only needed for very old versions of Grain Trader).

626: Report Invalidation Flags

Grain Trader now "remembers" when you commit any transaction dated in any month. This is used to flag the fact that any reports already printed for a previous period might no longer be valid. When you print some (eg Department) reports, if there have been any transactions in the period being reported upon (including YTD figures) since the last time the report was printed, totals will be recalculated to account for them. This may involve a delay of a few seconds before the report appears. For a newly-migrated Version 3 database, all periods are flagged as having new transactions so the very first set of reports produced will always exhibit these delays.

The Utility | Report Validation menu displays a window that lists all Departments with these new transaction flags, grouped by month and type. For this function to be useful the Admin user must use this window to clear the flags immediately after printing final reports each period.

627: Periodic Database Compaction Recommended

Grain Trader now makes extensive use of temporary storage areas in your database in order to prepare many of the reports now available by date range. Although these temporary areas are released when you close the database, the space used is not reclaimed until you compact the database. Therefore we strongly recommend that the Admin user carry out this procedure periodically (once per month would be good), by selecting the Utility | Compact Database menu

628: Transaction Link Patcher Available

The GT3 Migration Utility program is used to update and migrate your database(s) to be compatible with Grain Trader 3. During the conversion process, if the Migration Utility finds any data anomalies it will log the details and attempt to fix them. These data anomalies could be due for example to previous corruption in your database, or unsuccessful or incorrect linking of transactions in the past. You should check the log files if any after the Migration Utility has finished (they are plain text files, located in the same folder as, and with names that start with the same names of, the database(s) being converted).

In particular, the Migration Utility may insert Balancing Transactions if there are accounts with non-zero balances in the old Debtors or Creditor History. These transactions, and possibly other old transactions that may reappear from History after migration, may or may not appear on Trial Balance reports or Statements, and may or may not be able to be linked in the usual way. However if the overall balance of a group of old transactions is zero, they can be linked using the GT3 Link Patcher program which is available for download from the Other Resources section of our website. Because this program should not be used indiscriminately you will need a Registration Key to use it - this is available on request from us, and will be effective for 30 days only. Simply download, install and run the program. Select the Help | About menu and click the Registration button, then copy the supplied key from the email as advised to you, and paste it into the box provided. Other instructions for use are available from the Help | Instructions menu, but please contact us if you are unsure of what to do.

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