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Release Notes - CDA Grain Trader: 3.0.6

(Note: This is a list of changes accumulated from Version 3.0.1 through 3.0.6. These versions were not generally released.)

640: Options Slide-Out Tab on Contract Lookup Window

The slide-out Options tab on the Contracts Lookup window has been moved from the left side to the right side of the window. This avoids mouseovers accidentally activating the tab and interrupting the flow of work.

635: Changes to Report Dates

When printing Debtor or Creditor Trial Balance reports, Transaction Lists or Statements, the current date was being shown and inferred to be the "as at" date of the report. This has been changed to be the end of the month as selected in the report selection window, and the print date is shown at or near the base of the page so that you can easily distinguish between the same report printed on different dates. For Trial Balance reports, if the end of the "as at" month has not yet been reached, the current date is shown instead.

630: Commodity Storage Movement Report now Date-Driven

The Commodity Storage Movement Report now includes Est Closing Stock on hand at the end date for the report, and includes valuation at the Storage's Average Cost for the Commodity. This will be enhanced in a future version when Opening Stock levels will be recorded at a point in time. The Commodity Storage Report will also be enhanced with similar functionality.

638: Debtor/Creditor Lookup Window

On the Debtor/Creditor Lookup window, when the window regained focus after (say) the Debtor or Creditor window was closed, the search entry box had the focus for keyboard input but the existing text was not selected, meaning that new keystrokes were being appended to the old value rather than replacing it. Fixed.

Also, if you backspaced beyond the contents of the search entry box you would get an Error 5: Invalid Procedure Call. This has also been fixed.

637: Print Preview Window Hidden by Debtor Window

For a Debtor generic invoice, if you saved the invoice and then selected Yes at the prompt "Do you want to view this invoice now?", the print preview window was being shown but was hidden behind the invoice window instead of in front of it. Fixed.

636: Garbled Goods Invoice When Reprinting

If you reprinted a debtor Goods Invoice from the Transaction tab of the Debtor window, the correct data was being sent to the report but in the wrong format, resulting in a garbled appearance. Fixed.

634: Inactive Accounts Included in Trial Balance Reports

Trial Balance reports were inadvertently including Inactive Accounts, if they had non-zero balances. Fixed.

633: Export Report to PDF Not Working

Export to PDF file was not working, due to the installation program installing but not registering two files with Windows. Fixed; if you are experiencing this problem and have not already worked through this fix with CDA please contact us.

632: Trial Balance - Trading Reports Show Old Transactions

The Trial Balance - Trading reports could include old transactions that had balancing entries but had not been correctly linked. Fixed. You may also need to use the GT3 Link Patcher utility program, available for download from the Grain Trader - Other Resources section of our website, to clear these old transactions off Trial Balances and Statements.

631: Debtor Transaction Description Justification Fixed

On the Debtor window, Transactions tab, the Description field was right-justified instead of left-justified. Fixed.

629: Incorrect Value for Sales Dept 1 on Summary Report

The total was including the value of EFT Deposits. Fixed

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