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Release Notes - CDA Grain Trader: 3.0.9

653: GL Export: Payment transactions now grouped

In GL Export, payment transactions were being exported individually (ie by linked invoice etc) not by the total payment amount as in GT2. This has been changed so that they are now grouped by Transaction No. Receipts were not affected.

650: Some transactions appear on Department Detailed report but not on Department Summary

Commodities that were sold during a month only on Goods Invoices and before your database(s) were migrated during the upgrade to Grain Trader 3 would appear on Detailed Department reports for that month but not on the Summary report. This has been fixed.

649: Error 3800 on deleting entries on Report Validation window

When deleting entries from the grid on the Report Validation window you would get "Error 3800: 'PrimaryKey' is not an index in this table". This has been fixed.

656: Error 91 on Trying to Reprint Cancelled Payment/Receipt

When trying to reprint a Cancelled Payment or Cancelled Receipt from Transactions tab on the Creditor or Debtor window respectively you would get "Error 91: Object variable or With block variable not set". This has been fixed.

655: Some transactions may be in Transaction list but not in Trial Balance

When looking at a Trial Balance report for a previous month, if there were transactions that had been linked to transactions in later months they would not print even though they would be in the Transaction List and shown on the Transactions tab on the account's window. This has been fixed.

654: Subscript Out of Range error entering Formula on Commodity window

This error could be generated on seemingly random occasions. One possible cause has been fixed; if users experience this error in version 3.0.9 or higher please contact us and give specific details if possible.

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