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Release Notes - CDA Grain Trader: 3.0.10

664: Value Adding Transaction Dates

The data entry windows for Basic, Intermediate and Advanced Value Adding now have a new date entry box for the Finalisation Date for the job. This date is the one that flows through the inventory system and is required due to the move to date-driven inventory reports.

661: Commodity Editing Inhibited

In keeping with accounting best practice, the following fields in the Storages grid on the Commodity window can no longer be edited directly:
Tonnes (on hand); Last Cost; Average Cost; Metrics 1 through 5. Where changes are necessary to adjust inventory in line with actual values, Basic Value Adding should henceforth be used.

659: Value Adding operations much faster

Many Value Adding operations now execute much faster.

680: Attache Receipt Export

When exporting General Ledger transactions in Attache format, receipts included in the export file all had a zero value. This has been fixed.

678: Ageing on Debtors Statements could be incorrect

On Debtors Statements, if the option "Only print transactions with outstanding balances" was not checked the Aged Amount totals would include receipts in the month received and invoices in the month invoiced, even if they were linked and balanced each other out. This has been fixed.

682: Error 3129 when printing Supplier Load Summary

When attempting to print a Supplier Load Summary you would experience an Error 3129: Invalid SQL Statement. This has been fixed.

668: Load - Copy to New avoided Date Checking

If you used the Copy to New button on a Load window to create a new load, the Load could be processed without passing the check that the date was within the allowable range, set from the Global Options - General Defaults - Date Locks option. This has been fixed. (Note: if the Load is for example a reversal and should have the same date, an Admin user should change the allowable date range to permit this date to be used.)

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