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Release Notes - CDA Grain Trader: 3.0.14

690: Storage Summary Report modified

The Storage Summary Report has been changed to landscape orientation and up to 5 metrics are now included for each commodity storage record.

677: Additional Field - Storage Loads Reporting

A new field, Buyer Ref, has been added to the Load window. Ideally this can be used for a Buyer's Contract No for Storage Only loads. This field already exists in GT Weighbridge and is now imported from weighbridge loads if present. The new field is also included in the Storage Loads report, and is available for export to a text file from the Load Search window.

675: Option to Not Print the Print Date on Debtor Statements

In order to avoid possible client confusion when statements are printed later in a month, printing of the Print Date on Debtor Statements has been made optional by a checkbox on the Print Statements window.

705: Storage Movement Summary Report modified

Since this report (previously Storage List Report) is now date-driven, it is no longer practical to report on Commodity Metrics in it, so Metric reporting has been dropped from this report. Current Metric values are now shown on the Storage Summary report, which reports as at the current date only.

702: Commodity Reports menus rearranged

The menu structure for Commodity Reports has been rearranged to improve clarity. In particular the following menu options have been changed:
Movement Report is now Commodity Movement Detailed
Storage List is now Storage Movement Summary on the Storage submenu
Storage Movement is now Storage Movement Detailed on the Storage submenu
Storage Summary has been moved to the Storage submenu
Group Report has been moved to the Storage submenu
Sales and Purchases History reports are now accessed from a single menu, Sales/Purchases History on the History submenu
Goods Invoices History has been moved to the History submenu

691: Value Adding - Manufactured Job inputs now editable

On the Value Adding - Manufactured Job window, the Inputs grid is now editable, prior to finalization, for Commodity and Kilograms. Any changes made are saved to the particular Job and not the defaults in the records of the Commodity being manufactured. If the user does amend an input quantity no automatic adjustment is made to either the total quantity to be produced or to the quantities required of other input commodities; the user is responsible for the mix.

685: Commodity Sales & Purchase History Reports modified

The Commodity Sales and Purchase History Reports can now be printed for any month. In addition the column heading "Transfer" has been changed to "V/A Jobs" to more accurately reflect the data displayed. In addition the History tab on the Commodity window has been removed; the report is more flexible and should be used instead.

598: Average Cost in storage no longer reset to zero

In previous versions of Grain Trader, if an outwards movement of inventory resulted in the theoretical total quantity on hand falling below zero the Average Cost would be reset to zero and remain there until incoming movement(s) brought the total quantity on hand back above zero. This has been changed so that under these circumstances the last known Average Cost is retained unchanged until incoming movements are recorded, when the actual average cost of those movement(s) replace it. A weighted average cost is not recalculated until the total quantity on hand is greater than zero before an incoming movement is recorded. Note also that reversals of outgoing loads are excluded from Average Cost recalculations. These changes are reflected in the Commodity Storage Report and Packaged Goods Inventory & COGS Report.

699: Incorrect Debtor or Creditor opens

When searching for Debtors, Creditors or Commodities with the Show Inactive checkbox unticked, if the characters entered for Alpha code can match more than one record and the first one in the database ordering list is inactive, pressing <ENTER> without moving the highlighted (selected) row with either the arrow keys or the mouse will open the inactive record even though it is not visible in the list instead of the expected, active, one. This has been fixed.

684: Identical Rows on Goods Invoice not appearing in Commodity Movement Report

If you had more than one line on a Debtor Goods Invoice that was identical in every respect on the invoice, only one of the line transactions would appear on the Commodity Movement Report. This has been fixed.

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