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Release Notes - CDA Grain Trader: 3.0.15

Please note this version was not generally released.

304: Copy Debtor account details to Creditor & vice-versa

From the Debtor window you can now create a Creditor account with common data copied from the current Debtor record and vice-versa. If an account with the same Alpha code already exists you be prompted to continue with a slightly-changed Alpha code.

711: Commodity Storage Metrics - reset to zero if Total falls to zero or less

If the total quantity on hand at a storage/bin reaches zero or below, metrics are reset back to zero.

707: Linking Prepayments changes prior Trial Balance/Statement

If you had a Prepayment in a month, linked it to invoices in a later month and then re-printed the Trial Balance or Statement for the month of the prepayment, the linked, prepaid amount would not be shown. This has been fixed.

714: Commodity Storage reports exclude loads From & To the same Storage

The Commodity Storage Movement Summary and Detailed reports now exclude Loads that have the same Storage From and Storage To.

713: Incorrect Bonus/Deduction amounts under some circumstances

If you have a Commodity with Metrics being recorded but having no financial affect on loads, then purchase a load of that Commodity on a GMP contract (only) and record a metric value the Grower's RCTI would show spurious amounts for the bonus or deduction instead of nothing other than the measurement itself. This has been fixed.

710: Error 3075 on executing Value Adding Batch Import

On importing Value Adding jobs from the Batch Import facility an error 3075: Syntax error was being experienced. This has been fixed.

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