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Release Notes - CDA Grain Trader: 3.0.16

Please note this version was not generally released.

666: End Point Royalties

Grain Trader now has the capability to record and account for End Point Royalties paid by growers for certain licensed seed. A new managed list has been established for Variety Owners (access from the Utility | List Management menu), and the Commodity window now displays any Varieties linked to that commodity. You can manage Varieties from either the ellipsis (...) button near the lower right corner of the Commodity window or from the new View | Varieties menu. A Variety can be linked to several Commodities and vice versa. If Royalties are applicable for a particular Variety you select the Creditor to be paid for the Royalties you collect on their behalf from growers, and configure the other required details, from the window. When you want to pay the Royalty manager and account for your Commission you select the Reports | Batch Print | Royalty Invoices menu which provides a combined contra RCTI/Remittance Advice and Tax Invoice and creates transactions to account for the Royalties collected and paid and Commissions earned.

717: Payment Due Date now printed on generic Debtor Invoice

The Payment Due Date was not being printed on the generic Debtor invoice even if the global option was set to do so. This has been fixed.

715: Company Name fields now longer

The two fields available for your Company Name now accommodate up to 50 characters, up from 40.

716: Error 3265 on upgrading database to Schema Version 8

A small number of clients have received this error message after installing the GT3 Version 3.0.14 upgrade, on some databases. The problem is handled without error if it arises in the Version 3.0.16 upgrade, but a Patch Utility (CDADataPatcher716.exe) was also made available for affected clients to download and use in the meantime, if required.

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