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Release Notes - CDA Grain Trader: 3.1.1

752: Digital Signatures on Contract forms

You can now have Grain Trader insert a digital signature image of the Trader on Contracts and Sale Contract Proformas. This facilitates the direct email and fax of these documents without needing to print them out to be signed first. You will need to follow some guidelines, and/or have CDA prepare your images, for best results. Download the Digital Signature Specimen and Order Form from our website for more details.

Signatures for Contracts are stored in your Grain Trader database(s) from the Utilities | List Management menu; select the Contract Traders managed list, select a Trader's name and click the Detail button to manage that trader's signature image.

783: Purchase Contracts - Pool now available

You can now nominate a Purchase Contract as a Pool Contract, in addition to normal bulk, GMP or Hectare types. When you do so, only Pool commodities can be selected in the Commodity grid, and Prices cannot be entered. Also the printed Contract contains the phrase "Pool pricing will apply" in place of price and price adjustment text.

772: New options for Department & Transaction Reports

To make it easier to print common Department and Transaction Reports, pre-defined options are now available to print the selected report for This Month or Last Month, in addition to a custom date range.

764: New Storage Only checkbox on Contract window

A new chackbox to indicate Storage Only contracts has been included on the Contract window. This facilitates automatically populating fields on the GT Weighbridge Ticket window, and may be used for similar purposes in a future version of Grain Trader.

383: Multiple Contract Annexures etc Now Available

You can now select from an unlimited number of different Contract Annexure or Sale Contract Proforma documents to be printed on a single Contract. You can create documents using your favourite Word Processor to suit different commodities, sellers/buyers or even databases - whatever your needs. You save each document as a Rich Text Format file and store it in one or more Grain Trader databases from the new Utilities | Embedded Documents menu. Then simply select the document you want to use from the Admin tab on the Contract window for each Contract. Grain Trader remembers which document you last used and automatically selects it as the default for new contracts of the same type. You no longer need to have a copy of the documents on each user's PC - in fact you don't need a disk copy at all. In addition, Annexures can now span more than one page (previously you were limited to a single page) and all reports with embedded documents now display in the print preview window much faster.

NOTE: If you have been using Annexures or Proformas you will need to migrate your existing documents to the new way of working before you can use them again.

781: Contract Price changes to zero

If you were reviewing a Contract and the Commodity field in the grid was selected at any time, as soon as you moved out of that cell in the grid the Price could be reset to zero, even if the Commodity had not been changed. This has been changed so that the price is reset only if the Commodity is changed.

773: Receipt could be included in GL Export file multiple times

A non-EFT receipt that had not been included on a Bank Deposit Slip would be included in a General Ledger Receipts export file every time the file was generated until it had been included on a Deposit Slip. This has been fixed.

771: Debtor Goods Invoice could be saved without a Carrier but with a Freight Cost

On the Debtor Goods Invoice, you could save a new invoice with a freight cost entered but no carrier selected. This would result in the Sales Department for Freight not being credited with the Freight Sale, although the GST Collected and Total Invoices Departments, and the Debtor account, would be correct. You cannot now proceed in these circumstances; you must either select a carrier or reset the freight cost to zero.

767: Huge transactions omitted from Department reports

If you had a single transaction resulting in a total value of more than $21,474,836.47 the transaction would appear on a Department Dissection report but the value would be blank, and it would also not be included on the Summary report. This has been fixed.

766: Error 94 in Basic Value Adding

If you selected a Storage location in a Basic Value Adding job that had no Bin No, and there was no other Storage with the same name for that Commodity, you would get an Error 94: Invalid use of Null when trying to recall that job. This has been fixed.

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