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Release Notes - CDA Grain Trader: 3.1.2

Note: This version was not generally released

800: Edit Load References after processing

You can now edit Supplier Ref, Buyer Control No and Carrier Ref after a load has been processed.

792: User can nominate Effective Date and hold for session

A new option has been added that allows you to change the date used by CDA Grain Trader for the duration of your session. Go to the Utility | Set Effective Date... menu. The date you enter here will be used until you log out, close CDA Grain Trader or reset the date.

769: EFT details added to Creditor Listing Detailed Report

If EFT details have been entered for a creditor, they will now appear on the Detailed Creditor Listing report.

770: Single line Load Search Report for export

A new Load Search report has been added that prints all of the information contained in a Load Search Extended report on a single line, for easy exporting. Select "Export Only" from the Load Search Report Output list.

804: Allow contract to be printed without annexure

A new option has been added to the Contract form that allows you to specify whether to print an annexure for a given contract. Note that this will only affect you if you are using annexures.

805: Save annexure with contract

When using annexures, the specific annexure chosen is now saved with the contract.

796: Add Bin No to Commodity Storage Movement Summary report

Bin No is now shown on the Commodity Storage Movement Summary report.

748: Search for Load by Container No

When searching for a load using the Find Load window from within the Load form, it is now possible to search by Container Number.

799: "No documents" Annexure Error on Sale Contract

On sale contracts, if you were using annexures, but didn't have a proforma document embedded in the database, you would be shown a "No documents" error indicating that there were no annexures available, even if there were. This has been fixed.

798: Show account for loads into storage on Storage Movement Detailed Report

On the Storage Movement Detailed Report, loads into storage were now showing the account that they came from. This has been fixed.

759: Modify commodity on Manufactured Batch Value Adding Job

When editing a Manufactured Batch Value Adding job, if you changed a commodity in the recipe, it was possible for an incorrect storage to be displayed. This has been fixed.

790: Apostrophe in Trader's Name Causes Error

If you tried to store a digital signature for, or  print a Contract written by, a Trader whose stored name included an apostrophe (eg "O'Grady") you would get an Error 3075 - Syntax Error. This has been fixed.

780: Loads imported from Weighbridge don't reflect "Message on invoice" status

Loads imported into CDA Grain Trader from a GT Weighbridge database were not automatically assigned invoice messages, even if that option had been selected. This has been fixed.

797: "Type Mismatch" error on Storage Movement Summary report

It was possible to receive a "Type Mismatch" error when printing the Storage Movement Summary report. This has been fixed.

801: Allow Pool Commodities on Sale Contracts

It is now possible to select Pool Commodities for use on Sale Contracts.

795: Bonus/Deduction Calculation Incorrect if Precision Different

If you configured a Commodity for Bonuses & Deductions with increments of a certain precision (eg 0.1) and then entered the metrics on the load window at a different precision (eg 4.88) the calculation would incorrectly use the higher precision in the calculations instead of stopping at the previous increment level (ie for the above example the calculation should be carried out at 4.8). In these circumstances the calculation now uses the lower precision and the user is advised of the mismatch in precision.

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