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Release Notes - CDA Grain Trader: 3.1.3

397: New pricing tier structure for packaged goods

You can now define any number of pricing tiers for packaged good commodities. This is accessed from the Utility | Packaged Commodity Pricing menu, which displays the Commodity Pricing window. Tiers are defined using the Configure button on that window (including selecting the Default tier). A forthcoming version will also allow you to define a simple formula that the program can use to automatically calculate values for any or all tiers as required, but in the interim you can manually set the price (and date of change, if required) directly in the grid on the Commodity Pricing window.

You should also allocate a Pricing Tier for each Debtor, on the Debtor window.

Existing Retail and Wholesale prices and Debtors are automatically re-configured to the new system when you update to this version.

818: Optionally Don't Print Annexure

A new check box has been added to the Admin tab of the Contract form. Unchecking Print Annexure will print the Contract without an Annexure. If you are using Annexures, Print Annexure will be checked by default.

816: Add Point of Sale fields to Commodity

Several new fields have been added to the Commodity form, for use with an upcoming Point of Sale module for CDA Grain Trader. Increased functionality for the Barcode, Supplier Stock Code, Quantity on Order and Re-Order Level text boxes and the Discount Allowed check box may be added in the future.

815: Add Discount to Goods Invoice

A new Discount column has been added to the Debtor Goods Invoice.

814: Commodity Storage Movement Detailed Report now includes Opening Stock

The Commodity Storage Movement Detailed report now includes the Opening Stock as at the report Start From date, for each Storage name.

803: Commodity Stocktake now updates Commodity Storage window

If you use the Commodity Stocktake window to adjust inventory levels the values displayed on the Commodity window, Storages tab were not automatically updated, becuase they reflect the position at the exact point in time whilst the stocktake values are as at a particular date. You are now prompted whether Grain Trader should automatically update the Commodity/Storage values using the just-entered stocktake values adjusted for any movements since that time.

817: Save Annexure With Contract

If you were using Annexures, when a Contract was saved, the Annexure you had selected was not saved with that Contract. This meant that the next time you viewed the Contract, a different Annexure might be selected by default. This has been fixed.

811: Load Other Creditor - Unrounded Values

If you used the Load - Other Creditor grid to raise invoices, the extended amount as recorded in the database was not being correctly rounded. If the actual amount had fractions of a cent, the invoice would continue to be displayed in the Creditor's transaction list even if it was correctly linked with a payment and apparently had a zero balance. This has been fixed, including retrospectively for existing transactions.

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