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Release Notes - CDA Grain Trader: 3.1.4

825: Changes to Commodity History Report

On the Commodity History Sales and Purchases reports, if you selected a period in one financial year but the current date was in a later financial year, the 'Year to Date' values displayed would be those for the current Financial Year, and those for 'Last Year' would be those for the previous Financial Year. Whilst technically correct according to the column headings this was not the expected scenario, so this has been changed so that these values are based on the Financial Year of the report end date.

791: Intuitive Date Ranges for Commodity History & Movement Detailed Reports

Date options have been introduced for the Commodity History and Commodity Movement Detailed reports similar to those for Transaction reports, ie one-click selections for 'This month', 'Last month' and 'Custom range' (which defaults to YTD).

732: Zero V/A values on Commodity Sales & Purchase reports

Values were missing from the Value Adding columns on the Commodity Sales & Purchase History reports. This bug was originally fixed in v. 3.0.17 but reappeared before version 3.1.3. This has been fixed again.

823: Storage Summary Report was showing incorrect value

The Storage Summary Report was calculating average costs incorrectly, and this was flowing through to the total valuation. The report now calculates a weighted average cost per commodity correctly and shows the correct total value. Also on this report, quantities are now shown to 3 decimal places because this is the accuracy used in the calculations and to show only two decimals could cause confusion.

822: Commodity Storage Movement Detailed report modified

Version 3.1.3 introduced calculated Opening Balances for Commodities on the Storage Movement Detailed report. An oversight however meant that some movement records were not being included in the report. This has been fixed.

820: Debtor - Amount Last Paid box could show wrong amount for new Debtor

If there had never been any receipts from a Debtor, the "Amount Last Paid" box on the Debtor window would show the total of any invoices during a month (which month would be undefined). This has been fixed.

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