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Release Notes - CDA Grain Trader: 3.1.5

371: Print Truck Book

A Report that shows the information shown on the Truck Book form has been added. It can be accessed via the Reports | Other Reports | Truck Book Report... menu.

789: Grain Trader Point of Sale Module

We are pleased to announce the release of the Grain Trader Point of Sale (POS) module. GT POS is a standalone program available at extra cost that integrates with your Grain Trader database and provides all the functionality typically required for over-the-counter sales of Grain Trader Packaged Goods. See docs online or contact us for more information or a demo copy.

855: Add Container No & Seal No to Load Search reports

The Container No and Seal No entered on a Load are now available on the Load Search Detail Extended report, Load Search Output To File, and Load Search Export Only reports.

829: Additional Search options for Commodities

On the Select Commodity window you can now search by Name, Barcode or Supplier Code in addition to Alpha Code.

832: Bank Reconciliation Report changes

Some minor changes were made to the Bank Reconciliation form. The button formerly labelled "Update" has been changed to read "Print". After the report has been printed, where you used to be prompted "Did the report print correctly?", you are now asked to click Yes to update, or No to make further changes and re-print.

854: New "Warehousing" Field

A new check box has been added to the Load form to indicate Warehousing loads. Warehousing loads have no buyer and no price information.

The Load Search report form has also been altered to allow the printing of only Warehousing loads, only Storage Only loads or All loads.

Warehousing and Storage Only loads are now identified on the Load Search Detail, Detail Extended and Export Only reports.

860: Stock Report - Markup

A new report has been added. The Packaged Goods Markup report can be accessed via the Reports | Commodities | Packaged Goods | Markup menu.

835: Storages by Name Report Improvements

The Storages By Name report has been made easier to read by adding striping. Also, the need to click the 'Find' button to refresh the form has been removed - the form will now automatically update when an option is altered.

850: Change to debtor statement address lines

The address on debtor statements can now be printed across 3 lines, rather than the previous 2. This should be automatic, and will depend on how much address information has been entered.

843: Contract Load List Report

A new report has been added. The Contract Load List report is accessible via the Reports | Contracts | Load List... menu, and prints a mail-ready list of loads by contract.

840: Packaged Goods Selling Price Calculation Formulas

Packaged Goods prices can now be automatically calculated using user-defined formulas. A particular formula can be applied to all packaged goods using Pricing Tiers (Utility | Packaged Commodity Pricing menu), or just one commodity (Commodity window, Packaged Goods tab). You can also exclude any combinations of commdoities and pricing tiers from being automatically calculated at all. For more information see CDA Docs Online.

838: Stock Received Report

A new report has been added. The Stock Received report shows quantities and prices for Goods Inwards invoices and Loads into storage.

833: Extra Prompt for Load Contract With Multiple Commodities

An option has been added (Global Options | Loads | Pick commodity after selecting multi-commodity contract) so that if you select a contract with multiple commodities, you will be presented with a form showing all commodities for that contract. You can then select a new commodity. This will change the commodity of the load.

819: Mail-ready Contract Load Listing option

A new contract load listing report has been added, sized to fit a standard window-face envelope. Also, the contract load listing reports can now be printed even if there have been no loads against that contract.

812: Manufacture Formula to print on Documents

For Manufactured Commodities, the ingredients of the formula are now printed on Load Advices, along with their percentage of the mix.

839: Goods Inwards Invoice Modifications

Some new columns have been added to the grid on the Goods Inwards Invoice form. A Barcode column has been added for commodity lookup. A Last Buy Price column has been added, along with an Update column. If the check box in the Update column is checked, and the commodity is a packaged good, the Pricing Tier price(s) for that commodity will be updated in accordance with the appropriate formula for that commodity or tier.

888: Truck Changes

A new Truck Type form has been added, accessed via the Truck menu. A new drop down list for selecting Truck Type has been added to the Truck window, along with a text box for entering a Scheme number. These additions facilitate the new Grain Harvest Management Scheme report available in GT Weighbridge.

894: New Pricing Option for Value Adding - Manufactured

You can now have the input commodities for a Manufactured Value Adding job costed by the overall average cost for the whole commodity, instead of using the average cost for the storage concerned. This is governed by a new global option reached from the Utility | Global Options menu, Value Adding - Manufactured branch.

878: Contract "Copy to New" Button

A "Copy to New" button has been added to the Contract window. All details from the currently-open Contract are copied to a new record, except the following: Contract Number (defaults to the next number in sequence), Contract Complete, declarations & other documentation returned, Amendments, Orders, Loads and quantities supplied, and (for GMP contracts) any fixed quantities & prices. A new contract must be saved before the Copy to New button can be clicked.

891: Digital Signatures Revised

The digital signature functionality in Grain Trader has been revised to better provide for signatures with descenders (j's, g's etc). This involves making the sample signature space larger vertically and due to the way images are handled by the reporting engine, any existing scanned signatures would automatically be scaled to the new height and look really bad. Accordingly you will need to create new sample signatures to use from this version forwards. Clients who have taken advantage of our flat-rate signature scanning service have already been offered updated scans. The new Sample Signature and Order Form is available from the Downloads - Grain Trader - Other Documents area on our website.

863: Improved Select Value Adding Job Window

The Select Value Adding Job window has been made resizable. Window size and column widths are remembered between sessions. Loading the grid has been made much faster, and you can now search for a particular job without having to load all jobs and scroll through the grid.

872: Add Own Truck to Load Search

An option to serach by Own Trucks has been added to the Carrier drop down list on the Load Search window. The option will only be available if you have at least one truck defined in CDA Grain Trader.

880: Storage Movement Detailed Report - Account Name

The Storage Movement Detailed Report was not showing the account for outgoing transactions. This has been fixed.

869: Printed logo becomes distorted over time

If you frequently accessed the Global Options, the logo printed in headings on reports could become distorted over time. This has been fixed.

846: Print Annexures not checked by default on new Purchase Contracts

When using annexures, the Print Annexures check box was checked by default on new Sale Contracts, but not on new Purchase Contracts. This has been fixed so that it is checked by default on both.

876: Paid Invoices Still Appear on Batch Window

Invoices that have already been fully or partially paid no longer appear on the batch print window.

836: Storages by Name Report Shows Incorrect Units for Commodity

Previously, the Storages By Name report showed quantities as tonnes for all commodities, including packaged goods. The report now reflects the correct units for the commodity.

893: Department Summary Reports Overlapping Financial Year(s)

For a Department Summary Report, if you selected a Custom date range spanning more than one Financial Year, the "Year To Date" totals shown would be those for transactions dated in the current FY only. This has been changed so that the totals are displayed for the exact period selected, irrespective of the financial year. Column headings also now better reflect the date choices selected.

877: Show storages with no movement on storage movement summary report

Empty storages were not showing on the Storage Movement Summary Report, whether the option was selected or not. This has been fixed. In addition, details are now shown for commodities with no movements in the selected date range, and Opening Balances are calculated "on the fly" from stocktake records and/or accumulated movements prior to the report Start Date. As a consequence of these, if you have many commodities and/or storages this report could now take some time to prepare and display (testing indicates that about 1200 commodity + storage combinations can be processed per minute).

851: Delivery dockets showing in wrong account

When viewing transactions on the creditor form, if there was a delivery docket in the current period, all delivery dockets for that period - regardless of which account they were for - were shown in the list, and shown as linked together. This has been fixed.

871: Commodity Stocktake Values Not Propagated to Commodity Window in New Database

If you used the Commodity Stocktake window to provide initial inventory details for a brand new commodity, the details could not be propagated to the Storages tab on the Commodity window. This has been fixed.

848: Review Bank Deposit Window Display

If you had the Review Bank Deposit window open but minimized and selected the options to display it again you would get:
Error -2147220989: This key is already associated with an element of this collection
followed by:
Error 384: A form can't be moved or sized while minimized or maximized
This has been fixed.

849: Buyer & Supplier Could be Reversed on Select Order Window

On the Select Order window, for a destination-fixed Order the Supplier could be shown in the Buyer column and vice-versa. This has been fixed. The Order window was correct.

870: Changes to Variety Editing

If you didn't click Apply when linking Varieties to Commodities or vice-versa you could inadvertently change the Variety name or save links incorrectly. This has been fixed.

889: Levy Report using wrong dates

The Levy Report and the Levy Department Report were using different dates - the Levy Report was using the delivery date, while the Department Report was using the pickup date. This meant that if a load spanned the end of a month, these reports might not match. This has been fixed - the Levy Report now uses the pickup date as well.

858: Changing Commodity From Packaged to Bulk or Vice-Versa

If you changed the type of an existing commodity from Bulk to Packaged Goods or vice-versa, the Average and Last Buying prices were not being recalculated to reflect the new settings. Also, if you were using Line Numbers these values as well as the on-hand quantities were not being recalculated. This has been fixed.

837: Division by Zero Error in Storage Summary Report

If you were printing the Commodity Storage Summary Report and one or more Storage names had zero tonnes of any commodity you could get a Division by Zero error when the report engine was rendering the report. This has been fixed.

660: Error 7: Out of Memory on loading all VA Jobs

If you had a very large number (>32000) of Value Adding jobs and ticked the "Include completed and cancelled jobs" checkbox you could get the above error. This has been fixed.

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