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CDA Grain Trader: 3.2.2

957: Contract Carry Date Beyond Delivery End Date

You are now able to specify an end date for contract Carry prices beyond the Delivery Period End Date for a contract.

976: Truck Book Column Changes

The columns displayed in the Truck Book grid now  better match the fields available on the Load window, ie Our Order (Control No on Load window), Buyer Order (Order No) and Buyer Ref (Buyer Ref).

975: Partnership Loads and Reports

Continuing our implementation of Partnerships, the Commodity Movement, Supplier Load Summary and Load Search reports now display a single record for the supply side of partnership loads when you select All Suppliers or a supplier that is a Partnership, where such an option is available. If however you select an individual creditor who has loads as a member of a partnership, the individual's shares are shown rather than the overall load totals.

968: Contract for Partnership Loads Now Not Compulsory

When the implementation of Partnership (sharefarmer) loads was first being planned it was intended to allow the share percentages to be varied within a contract and thus it was compulsory to have a contract for these loads. We have since realigned the program code so that it better reflects the way NGR partnerships work in that a change in share percentage can be effected only through the partnership (creditor) record itself. Accordingly, the restriction that a contract was compulsory for partnership loads has now been removed.

966: Load Search Reports: Cost on Loads From Storage

From version 3.2.1, Loads from storage have brought the average cost for the commodity and storage concerned (if one exists and the quantity on hand is greater than zero) into various reports as a surrogate purchase cost. This is now optional for Utility | Load Search reports, governed by a new checkbox on the report window. The last state of the checkbox is also saved between sessions.

961: General Ledger Account Names - Size Increased

The allowable maximum size for the name of your General Ledger accounts as used in transaction export files (entered via the View | Departments menu) has been increased from 20 characters to 50.

958: Bank Deposit Slip Now Includes Ref

The printed Bank Deposit Slip now includes the data entered in the "Ref" field on the Receipt window in another column. This might for example be used to record the debtor's cheque number and print it on the deposit slip.

979: Additional Checking on Weighbridge Import

An additional check is now performed when you are importing loads from a GT Weighbridge database to warn the user before possibly importing loads into the wrong database (requires that the weighbridge database be opened at least once with GT Weighbridge version 1.2.19 or later).

17: QuickBooks Export Format Now Available

You can now export transactions in QuickBooks format (2004/Enterprise 4 version or later) for import into your General Ledger.

950: Reversing a Load After Its LineNo Has Been Fully Removed

If you are using Line Numbers the Line Number will disappear when all stock of that Line has been removed. If you later reversed an outgoing load with that Line Number you would receive error -2147221499: Automation Error when processing the reversal load. This has been changed so that the Line Number is re-created using the average cost for the commodity and storage concerned, and the user is advised accordingly.

963: Levies and G/L Export

The treatment of Levies in the General Ledger export file has changed. The value of levies deducted from a load is now correctly credited to the G/L Account you have stored in the Purchase Department "GL Credit" column on the Purchase Department window (eg a "Levies Payable" account) and debited to the amount in the "GL Debit" column (eg an "Accounts Payable" account). Previously the transaction was applied to the Commodity debit and credit accounts.

959: Changing Saved Load Could Duplicate Supplier

From Version 3.2.0, if you saved a load then changed the supplier or other major field and re-saved (or processed) the load, an additional supplier record could be generated. This has been fixed.

956: Errors When Saving Contracts Using the Window's Control Box

If you edited a Contract and used the window's Control Box (the X in the top right corner) to prompt to save the changes and then close the window, validation errors encountered during the attempted save would not stop the window from closing. This has been fixed.

955: Load - Other Creditors Behaviour

From version 3.2.0, if you used the Other Creditor facility on a Load and then batched the Other Creditor invoices and printed them from the Batch or Reprint Batch window they would appear with the name of the load's supplier. (The RCTI/RA's were correct if printed from the Creditor window.) This has been fixed.

954: Bank Reconciliation - Add Other

When working on the Bank Reconciliation window and using the Add Other facility, the new item could under some circumstances overwrite an existing row on the grid rather than insert a new row. The existing data was not affected, and when reloading the window both rows would be visible. This has been fixed.

951: Error 3075: Syntax Error in Load Window

If you entered a single apostrophe (') in one of the drop-down boxes on the Load window and dropped the list down you would receive this error. This has been fixed.

965: Can Change Load Alpha on Unprocessed Load

If you wanted to change the Alpha code for a Load that had been saved but not processed, you were prompted to confirm the change but no action would be taken if you did so. This has been fixed and the Alpha can now be changed.

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