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CDA Grain Trader: 3.2.3

987: Loads Modified in Orders Module Could Create Duplicates

If you had an Order with some loads processed and some unprocessed, if you changed one of the unprocessed ones from within the Orders window (ie date, truck, driver, wb ticket or weight) and then hit Apply a duplicate record on the supplier side (only) would be created for each of the loads that were already processed. This has been fixed.

986: Orders: Search By Commodity Generates Error 3351

Using Orders, if you select Commodity by which to search you would get error 3351: "The ORDER BY expression (Commodity.Name) includes fields that are not selected by the query...". This has been fixed.

985: Printing RCTI For Load Additional Charges

When using the Load - Other Creditors facility the resulting transactions could not be printed individually from the Creditor window until after they had been batched. This has been fixed.

984: Empty Classes Generate Error 3385

If you have empty Classes for either Creditors or Debtors, you would receive Error 3385: "User defined properties do not support a Null Value" whenever trying to save changes made on the Global Options window. This has been fixed.

983: Duplicate Rows in Contract Buyer Load List Report for Partnership Loads

For partnership loads involving a Sale side contract as well, the Contract Buyer Load List report would show duplicate rows for the partnership loads. This has been fixed.

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